Charity Finds Donation in Nativity Scene

The Children's Home in Amarillo, Texas received found a check for $50k under baby Jesus.
1:38 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Charity Finds Donation in Nativity Scene
On a night school party inside the children's home off 34 avenue since any other nature of anything you this Christmas season. Mary Joseph the baby Jesus but this theme in now being given a new meet. After an unexpected. Call the police on the flew NASA receptions to run outside and check underneath Jesus. And she was very confusing cotton. What we need chicken Jesus what do what do you need. And so with trepidation the reception is went looking after jesus' Manger. What you discover. And she went out and found some blue. And inside the envelope was a check for 50000 dollars and then you can imagine who just taken back. Indeed workers are calling nothing short of miracle the new funds going toward organization. Which provides feet and secure home for at risk children youth. Between seventy to 75% of our income comes from the panhandle to shoot people in in the community and after reaching out to the donor workers realize. The jitters Dieter hit close to. He said that the reason for the reasons he did was he gets to see are designed watches or interaction what is how we interact with each other. How they treat each other how we treat their their house parents and in the he was inspired by them. It's inspiration Murphy says fans are way beyond an envelope found at any activity seen. Ultimately impacting the young lives who were motivation. For the don't need. So I told bloom. That you know people are noticing you people believe that you have what it takes people believe you have a future. And it was huge for them and they were very excited about that and.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"The Children's Home in Amarillo, Texas received found a check for $50k under baby Jesus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35847570","title":"Charity Finds Donation in Nativity Scene","url":"/US/video/charity-finds-donation-nativity-scene-35847570"}