Chauvin was an ‘outlier,' legal expert says

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with attorney Lance Lorusso, who represents police officers, including the former officer who shot Rayshard Brooks, about the Derek Chauvin conviction.
4:41 | 04/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chauvin was an ‘outlier,' legal expert says
For more on the children verdict would bring in attorney Winston Russa who's represented dozens of police officers. Including a former Atlanta police officer who shot Reshard books last summer. Thank you so much for joining us again mr. Russo did ask cameras same question your reaction to this verdict. Yeah surprisingly there was a verdict in a guilty and I think that the senate finance arm was pretty much a given arms of the early test non meat. The others he ranting pretty relatively large part in Erie county east we're doing a positive net. There was no treatment after you are more wetlands and you know I'm finding it very hard to believe in listening to all these people talk about this means. Racism or want to force and been getting this situation. Almighty. Since need beauty are being. So I think Dave you know we didn't take a step back and realize this is not a diss on law enforcement it's not under reduce the amount it's raining. We find out why this happened this specific department in recognize this man obviously what. And so said that America was on trial in this case all others including a prosecutor himself so that this case was. So only about one man Derrick showman and not. About policing do you feel that this trial ended up being bigger ginger stare children. I think prosecutors recognize when you're gonna call people cheat on their own your column investigator Blackwell and other amazing mark forced Martin's work in Minneapolis. And you're gonna prevent part of the jury sitting conceded professionalism and compassion by Al. You can't indict the entire wants horsemen aren't good art and I think the he is the same law enforcement across United States thousands tens of thousands of long what's not so. Perform their jobs and professionally. Can actually every dance. In law there's often talk of precedent that you defend police officers in court do you think that this case could make your job more different colder have. Any impact at all on future cases against police officers. I don't I think when we look at these situations we hear you know that invalid mind blue Wallace don't see people coming out and passed it on my client testifying against police officers. All the time and gives Hollywood's little noticed Newmont what's that never has the eyes never gets rid of the law officers. I think juries listen addicts have been juries listen to the audience that watched video. And they say it was no excuse for any use of force. Especially ones were thwarted what went. And it data point they decided I think correctly then this was completely inappropriate. And I don't know a single law enforcement officer who supported what Garrett told the is there anything that you sink or that you hope will come out of this landmark trial. I think one of the things we need to look at is teams got. Niece rushed their fire law enforcement officers immediately b.'s for you get to be investigates. Here is eight case theory vs New Jersey where law enforcement agencies and force an officer to answer questions. And I still questions Watson let me know where in the world and Garrett children. Decides to be net wearing Mardi converted wasn't army Karen that wasn't spot I think anyone whose department. But we lost the opportunity to make that department better and learn more about. We are net new order came from where his decisions and I'm. Because there was arrested targeting mean yeah he's going to be charged later lost out to. And lastly you've been in Aric Nelson issues in that you represented police officers. How well would you say that he argued dared show his cases and would you say that a guilty verdict was inevitable given us. So. I think this degree manslaughter was probably the toughest thing for you come back and I I was not surprised at all want to be convicted based on that. I'm I think he was trying to you you Britain's constitutionally required you to try to raise a reasonable doubt in. Entered commerce and test the evidence in the crucible of justice I think he was. You know recognizing his client the nation we're the presumption of innocence and who's going T be a lot of evidence that he ordered the prosecution did an excellent job. Are constantly hitting the back good. Force at some point. What is no longer justifiable in any way whatsoever. Chancellor is so appreciate your insight and your time with us. I drum.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with attorney Lance Lorusso, who represents police officers, including the former officer who shot Rayshard Brooks, about the Derek Chauvin conviction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77205257","title":"Chauvin was an ‘outlier,' legal expert says","url":"/US/video/chauvin-outlier-legal-expert-77205257"}