Check out the Steakhouse Offering a $50,000 Thanksgiving Extravaganza

ABC News' Charli James and Nicole Pelletiere are at the Old Homestead Steakhouse which offers an unforgettable holiday vacation package topped off with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
17:04 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for Check out the Steakhouse Offering a $50,000 Thanksgiving Extravaganza
Thanksgiving is just around the corner if you wanna do something a little bit different and maybe a little mart stressed again then. Dinner at grandma's there's a restaurant here in Manhattan. That has something very special and a little pricey. That you can enjoyed Thanksgiving with your handling we're here at the old homestead steakhouse. In. New York City in lower Manhattan. He passed these districts. I'm Charlie Jenkins. I'm who called her a few Martinis he did and our fans on FaceBook all out we have the whole Thanksgiving Brett. Here. And it also includes a lot of items that are not on the table at. I'm gonna give you a little look down the line at his. Delicious feast to that they have set up here for us to. Check out and take a look at and taste and then we're gonna talk a little that mart with the man behind this. Creepy Thanksgiving idea. It's co owner mark sharing but first let's take a look at all of this but let's just I wish you could smell this that's well. And I'm gonna let Nicole take it away went. With learning a little bit more about what he restaurant nearly all old homestead steak house has the story. You think he's so much for having it at first they might talk about that not edible items thank you Kelly and an act extravagant hats. Sure not only loses its culinary extravaganza. That's a cornucopia of non edible items. One of them unless their bosses but not seats for the nation's day parade didn't. A sweep the wall will. 5000 dollars breakfast and service. New York giant tickets fifty. I have a choice. At week fifty yard line. Valued at 101000 dollars that was stated pitchers Kevin. Limousine service bill. Were also killed. I personally don't you give me Turkey coughing and personal appliances. Everything went black you know Thanksgiving. It could resort and dad tells us. When we first started. We've produced so we can do. For five years our executive chef just wanted to bring Thanksgiving dinner to another level. It had ratio is definitely. Last year and you're wearing an east news covering the dinner first ever team. Lester that you had three fires. That. About their stories and it was back in Whiting says it. Cutting. What was started 35000 dollars we went to forty. And last year was 45000. One and a half carat diamond ring this year it's 50000. No. We are using the most expensive is cell phone and Malone. People love letters and crush team America people from Wall Street. People from pat cash wanted to bring your family in New York City to have the ultimate experience. What the mountain teens and. When every feeling is there spun it. They're also knocking the stuffing out thank. T Thursday night plane and a liar yes let me let me relentless. That's explained tastes are we have a twenty pound Turkey. I'll look back memories Walgreens and eaten by. And it's based it was seventeen. Actually there's. I'll who. Not Q what news we in this orange fingers. Began when. We spiky with the best we might be possible. Sixty eyewitness the house and being there and just the touch. 1700. Twin house French wine it's not your grandmother. Mary. One got along great stuff. Rich why. It's made with more countries to fight. Prize. Where do imported from Japan. If you would and walk around. Of course this stuff makes the show go. It cost 47000. Imported from you can't. Going to write down the line are sweet mash we just went. Into it at 16100 I notes caviar from the Caspian soon. It's not typical and that's okay this is lanes miss thirty fight at all I have. White still an important. You don't have to stump. The wild. Thousands. Final homestand. Typical traditional. Which we all week. Is Sevastopol. Kind belated. What roast Turkey and all the trimmings at all day Thanksgiving. Is one of the most popular. Twenty those things that everybody just. And her. But it yeah that's 85 dollars. Comes and all the trimmings. Want to get things giving him the program nationally in scoring. But I wouldn't tell you when I stop them grain meat. Thousand dollars dinner which. Really. Has an amazing thing is part Cherokee grid from amends. 2000. The only school. And legal one month passing. And we're looking all these. Extravagant ingredients from all over the loud parties we're seeing all. Well that's proprietary. But we. Go through great length culinary team here fuel pumps that goes to great lengths to find the ingredients that make these units so special. And now we thank you what you think it's a collaborative effort of all of culinary staff here but I can tell you one thing. The person that buys us it. This would be. And deputies as the lobby Trump Plaza. Flights unit science and take out. Because I'd a lot of people now Thanksgiving Valentine's Day let's call engage in what usually happen. The person of what the. He began with the ring. Got engaged got married and got divorced in six months to figure until they give it the red and black man I'm so let and we perhaps. Look these tapes some of the gravy which is infused with his unbelievable. Happy and they go to should be tips. Kinda mechanical maintenance until then been pretty. Number it will happen again. Killing spree and nick what keeps me happy. Yeah it's just. I can with what word you know. The leaders are married very well admits he's. It's of the investigators time but right now. It's not overcome. Them renderings from the Turkey Wrangler. The bird I'm proud alleys. Actually taste that big win. They aren't from the Caspian Sea 16100000. Only half caviar and only one of eating species that is the first army. That doesn't mean that it's. He. Having him at yeah rock and apparently his love. Assortment dog sweetie yeah as a perfect big sellers are attention Harry. Perry and here we are caught them. When she's 35000. Alex now plan on deep getting ahead. When you know what I'm getting an a look at tonight's news Uga and wouldn't. She's. And that's. That's my game and he's only what is frequently hears a there's an average. It's like a very very sharp cheddar or sharp. Not. Doesn't have to bite that shall option would. The person who pace. Staff and house. Quietest and not just it is. And it I think in the long time to regroup financially plus what an experience that I had. You know what we have all the news events of the bridge here and you know what we have here puts him when you're ready 150000. Dollars we will. Some time. It's a song and it is. I don't want him. Sir you know schnabel going. You know fourteen people. And we tried to send them like this though actually quite certain that person to take it that he deserves. Greater than you might think they contract. Hi there are few lunch right. Maxtor hard here and yeah. Right. An evening. Blunt runs. Each inside. Quantity. Prize went 165. Pounds and it scared I cheated. Yeah. That's. I hate you and yeah. In my. He's still get the U turn and then eat even if you. Don't go and if you shortness comic shorten a wallet. This is your 85 dollars additional. And answer won't name on things. Exactly yeah. Unless you write ten ounce and Turkey. And all the trimmings. And even there something about Mary up there it's not your typical grandmas are members. This is organic mean these these fight with the most expensive grandma and yanked. You know enough each Nelson. And just as much. Seventeen. It out. Bottle of wine brands just to keep that there aren't again the end. Thanks so Greg. Garrett. Yeah big continents. In the minutes. That's not something that we giving you. Now I I have offices with some Hayes 50000 dollars is dinner. I hope he's not captain Kelly's brain. And finally he and feeling and how much Turkey asked about it aren't we had a lot of. Drug use and explain its bond rate it's organic and cost 85 dollars and. And we beach beach ate it. Seventy. Extra version. That's if I didn't. Thank you oh my gosh and up on current and hand meaning. You can detect the 3000. And. And I'm happy in it on the job. And you. Here. Sound. Don't heat over birth mark time. I'm among TE. Again and we haven't I am there on the I don't know people listening in on it now and given little like Atlanta. Office nothing. Yes it's a 7500. Dollar shopping street on Fifth Avenue and go to sex and the kind. Any of the popular. Stores. On fifth. Right now you got three. Go into the giant game sitting in the fifty yard line. And a final note Thanksgiving Day. Priceless. Limousine transportation. A personal. Turkey carving. From me because she might never. And being there again. And what happened and he just like a couple of packages and standing by what's happened if you get ten people. They don't want. To the exclusivity of what we're doing here in the expands. We managed only four people divide. How many people does this and yeah. Just like eight people eight. Take one last look at all this delivery you. I know everyone watching at home eight. Early Thanksgiving. I know I don't. There. As they explain you. He. Steel's homestead new company eagle that don't want Turkey. Eagleton courthouse. Is that even the most famous or when you're not thinking yeah about the night and harmless thing steak and less reliant. By age 45 days in Venice right well it's beautiful restaurant thank you so much for inviting that call and I ended for the taste and you know it it. We only are gonna have to eat. And I never want to stuff their face completely. Flat on the cameras off. You know it with. Did you come on March scary and everyone here at all. Homestead steakhouse for giving us a look at the 50000. Dollars Thanksgiving extravaganza. Package that they have. If you if someone's watching this and ended Wednesday. In for this what they call you. Or restaurant. All right against the rest trying to call that the old homestead steakhouse in Manhattan and Aaron yeah. He's gonna become IRA and mark Wolfe puts you up and maybe. They thought I'd unfairly damned thing on behalf.

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{"duration":"17:04","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Nicole Pelletiere are at the Old Homestead Steakhouse which offers an unforgettable holiday vacation package topped off with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43588542","title":"Check out the Steakhouse Offering a $50,000 Thanksgiving Extravaganza","url":"/US/video/check-steakhouse-offering-50000-thanksgiving-extravaganza-43588542"}