Gas Station Denies Muslim Woman Service

Florida gas station attendant asked La Fleur Mohamed to remove her veil.
2:00 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Gas Station Denies Muslim Woman Service
Through painful. There -- -- painful. Luckily Mohammed also use the words embarrassing and humiliating to describe what happened to her. And -- -- that Chevron gas station and look for town. After handing attended twenty -- -- Muslim woman says the woman looked better and made a request that quietly through religion. She wanted her to remove her long black veil. I think it excuse me but this is my religious right she's at what I need to CEO. -- -- -- you don't. He's just give me 20000 comment on the line and that's when she gets -- my money back at me. She says she was so that she even decided to call 911. And when deputies came here to help her she says the attending here still wouldn't server. He went in an -- -- you know why she's not it. Sullivan. And she said that his company policy not to -- people like me. Palm Beach County -- office records state Mohammed was in a bind she didn't have enough gas to get to another gas station. Dispatch also -- arriving deputies they are refusing to give her gas because of her religion. Mohammed is now taking her complaint to the Florida commission on human relations the state agency which is now investigating. She's also hired a lawyer and hopes her story able keep other Muslims and traditional attire. From facing the same discrimination she claims to -- experience. I need people to be away at that. We have here we Americans and we -- at this same right the same treatment as everyone else. Chevron spokesman tells the kids did did. Her bail but says she didn't look at that instead it was -- his understanding. Yeah yeah. And business people own hands trying to Panama City and meet requests for security reasons. He added will -- fully believe that currently -- without the intent to violate this month on its religious principles. And any suggestion that discrimination is acceptable -- -- is the -- it's based in Damascus.

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{"id":15498131,"title":"Gas Station Denies Muslim Woman Service","duration":"2:00","description":"Florida gas station attendant asked La Fleur Mohamed to remove her veil.","url":"/US/video/chevron-gas-station-denies-muslim-woman-service-15498131","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}