Chicago Doctor Drowns While Saving Two Children

Highly regarded pediatric surgeon was pulled underwater by a strong current in Lake Michigan.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago Doctor Drowns While Saving Two Children
In -- -- how you do it known for his bedside manner and brilliance doctor Donald Lou was completely devoted to saving children. Which is why -- University of Chicago colleagues are not surprised Lou tried to save the lives of two kids while he was enjoying a weaken at the beach away from work. We know that given the sensitive circumstances he would have done it again he would do anything for the children. The fifteen year old highly regarded pediatric surgeon at comer Children's Hospital tried to say to kids in rough waters off of lakeside Michigan. The children made it back to shore safely but doctor -- was caught in rip tide. University of Chicago's doctor Jeffrey Matthews calls his friend a legend in the medical community and a hero. He. Would. Operate long into the night in into the next day he would do whatever it took no matter how physically exhausted he wants to take your children. Bailey Brower was just one of many sick children doctor -- -- -- with multiple health problems Bailey as an infant was given a 10% chance to live. This month daily celebrates her tenth birthday her parents' credit doctor -- I don't know how to put into words. Somebody who has given you your daughter I mean my wife and I. Terrible just in the state of shock great now that. We have our daughter because the stock saloon -- here's another family now that now suffering you know based on his desire to save more lives it appears.

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{"id":16942151,"title":"Chicago Doctor Drowns While Saving Two Children","duration":"3:00","description":"Highly regarded pediatric surgeon was pulled underwater by a strong current in Lake Michigan.","url":"/US/video/chicago-doctor-drowns-saving-children-16942151","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}