Chicago Family Searches for Exotic, Missing Cat

Fosco family hires blood hound team to find pet who went missing in California.
1:32 | 07/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago Family Searches for Exotic, Missing Cat
This is ivy he's a year and a half old Savannah cat missing now since July 17. One look at owner Matt fox -- in tears here on the curb with his dad you know how much this family wants to find their exotic pet. It's been an emotional. And physical roller coaster were. Optimistic pessimistic were trained we're happy we're said it's -- One extreme to another. That was visiting a friend in La Hoya would I be sneaked out of the house here on Fey and -- his parents flew out from Chicago to help with the search. They're offering a 5000. Dollar reward to anyone who finds the exotic -- and it. They also hired a pet search and rescue team out of LA land that cold irons Bloodhound has been all over this area trying to pick up the Katz sent. I take effect article from the smell like that pat caller -- batting. An -- cast the dogs percent and I. Left them run the trail from point a to point B. -- as a pet you know -- you follow up with your patents appease. My sons pat and it's his. Buddy and it's. He's just special. These signs offering the hefty reward are all over -- yet people are noticing. And trying to help him trail but so far no sign of this precious patents.

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{"id":16859666,"title":"Chicago Family Searches for Exotic, Missing Cat","duration":"1:32","description":"Fosco family hires blood hound team to find pet who went missing in California.","url":"/US/video/chicago-family-searches-for-exotic-missing-cat-16859666","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}