Chicago Park Shootings: 4 Men Charged

Offenders face three counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.
5:44 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for Chicago Park Shootings: 4 Men Charged
As you know -- Knight charges were filed. Against two offenders involved in the senseless act of violence. That took place and backyards. On Thursday. Overnight two additional offenders were charged. Including the man who fired and military grade weapons. In the incident that we're discussing here today at Cornell pork. As of right now -- -- -- offenders. Charged in the shooting including a man who fired that military grade weapons. The man who supplied that military grade weapons. Each of the four men. Has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. And I just want you to know that. Additional charges will be following. That was just -- charging instrument by the State's attorney to get these individuals into custody in the process story. -- -- young 22 years old. Whose record includes more than a dozen arrest Lucy offender who fired -- military grade weapons. Brian champ 21 years old whose record we'll discuss in a moment. Also fired a gun during this incident. If you -- -- -- twenty years old supplied that military grade weapons that was used. Brad jets'. 22 years old and a convicted felon. Participated in this incident and acted as a -- during the shooting. Today we bring for criminals to justice for their roles in the shooting of thirteen people. Including a three year old child. I want to thank and acknowledge our officers and detectives who've worked tirelessly in partnership with the community to solve this case can hold these individuals. Accountable. For their responsibility. In this particular endeavor and I wanna take a moment to acknowledge Sargent Sean McGavick. And the area central detectives who if you if you didn't know I'll tell you now. -- this is the same team that investigated and brought to conclusion that idea Pendleton murder and mentioned Iowa -- -- -- so. They do and it's unbelievable job. That said yes. There -- additional aspects. Of this investigation that remain ongoing at this time. And because it's an ongoing investigation there weren't details there are some details that we can't disclose at this point -- -- apologize human -- -- -- I'm unfortunately gonna do something I'm not usually doing which is I'm gonna no comment a lot of questions that you probably don't ask. But I want to talk about two points in this case -- right back into what I have been talking about for months. People ask what's needed to address violence in the long term. We have a good strong strategy. We have incredible police officers as you see here today and a growing partnership with the community that we serve. Get what you need and in Chicago. In an urban centers across this country is real action upon reasonable gun was. At the state and federal level to keep illegal guns. Assault weapons and high capacity magazines out of our communities. Illegal guns and weapons designed for war. Do not belong on the streets of Chicago nor any other urban centers in this country. This state needs tougher penalties. That -- dangerous criminals accountable for carrying illegal firearms. Illegal guns drugs violence. The illegal guns drive -- And if we don't provide real punishment for the criminals who carry them but Massachusetts that we're sending. Where -- the priorities. Of the criminal justice system. Brian champ. One of the offenders charged last night it was convicted. Of unlawful use of a weapon. By a felon. In July of 2012. And was sentenced to boot camp. If Brian -- is not on the street as he shouldn't have been. This incident likely does not occur. The motivation for this incident and was an unreported shooting. Where this individual -- -- chip. Suffered a graze -- Earlier. List Thursday and as a result the retaliation took place at Cornell pork. Let me just repeat. Brian champ. Was convicted. Of unlawful use of a weapon by -- Which is a crime that's designed to put -- dangerous criminals in jail. And he received boot camp. Says his punishment. A little more than a year later. He's the main player in the shooting of thirteen people and one of our neighborhoods. So not only was there -- military grade weapon used in the shooting one of the offenders charged would not have been on the street. To call us. And participate. In this event. This is unacceptable. Just like the residents and communities we serve no one in this department. Accepts an incident like this and none of us -- rest. Until everyone in this city enjoys -- same sense of safety. Get at the same time we need state and federal laws that are going to support. And prevent people from being shot and murdered in this --

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{"id":20357168,"title":"Chicago Park Shootings: 4 Men Charged","duration":"5:44","description":"Offenders face three counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.","url":"/US/video/chicago-park-shootings-men-charged-20357168","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}