Chicago police superintendent fires back at Trump

President Trump slammed Eddie Johnson for boycotting his speech in front of police chiefs in Chicago.
2:24 | 10/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago police superintendent fires back at Trump
Facts matter. And everyone in this room knows that. And Chicago. I can tell you that we are making measurable progress. In creating safer neighborhoods. And building a world class police department at the entire country can be proud. That's evident. By the thousands of police officers professionals and executives. Here in Chicago this week to see the Chicago turnover. President is right about one thing. I think crime in the United States declined last year for the second consecutive year according to FBI statistics. National murder rate fell by 6%. When it was Chicago. That set the table for those reductions. There's twice exchanged. Gun violence in the city is down by almost 40%. We may double digit reductions in robberies burglaries. This being a twenty year levels. While instilling a philosophy of community policing. Tests and has around trust transparency. And accountability. I'm exceptionally proud of the work being done by the thirteen 1400 men and women of the Chicago Police Department. And up partners in the communities that base there. This administration has hurt many communities in Chicago. The CPD is here. And we'll always easier to stand up for them. Was sworn to protect. And safeguard. Everyone in Chicago. No matter where you come from. We love what got bush. Chicago's my home. And I worked tirelessly. To make this a city where everyone can feel welcome. Safe and free to live their lives about prejudice. Today the same police officers the president criticized. Putting inability to protect this city spent all day protecting him. A devoted their lives to keeping us safe. Now Chicago certainly has its challenges. But if he's truly ready. This president is known for doing. A lot of talking about the city of Chicago but if he's truly truly ready to roll up to sleaze. To partner with us so are we as long as that partnership reflects who we are at Chicago. I've blessed a Chicago Police Department. And godless cities.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"President Trump slammed Eddie Johnson for boycotting his speech in front of police chiefs in Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66593498","title":"Chicago police superintendent fires back at Trump","url":"/US/video/chicago-police-superintendent-fires-back-trump-66593498"}