Chicago reports drop in gun violence

Police said that murders and shootings were down in Chicago last month compared to the previous year.
2:48 | 03/01/18

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Transcript for Chicago reports drop in gun violence
The Chicago Police Department is calling every 2018. At their twelfth straight month of reducing gun violence in Chicago these numbers they released overnight. Show that last month had fewer shootings in fewer murders compared with every 2017. I'm joined by police superintendent Eddie Johnson deputy chief Dwayne Betts good morning gentlemen and want to be when thanks as to how would you characterize he's not. It's I would say is progress. Room for encouragement because just like the city's twelve straight months we've seen just reduction but it's not room to celebrate but it. But obviously if it does show cook encouraging signs behind adversaries tracking to extend our condolences to both the due to the department lost security scanner thing mr. Bauer now it's been two weeks since that happened to you went to Springfield to support outlined in his honor us now how would these laws serve the memory. So what it does is helps keep the city safe because it would limit the number of rounds you can magazine you know the gadget. Kill command about hating magazine that held thirty rounds of quite frankly you don't need a thirty round clip. The streets of Chicago and also would prohibit people from wearing body. You know so I think that those things help you know it's a comprehensive plan to help reduce violence and keep the streets. We can certainly see how they apply in this particular instance bit with the vast majority of gun violence in our universe conflicting communities in Chicago. How much of that violence is carried out by assault style weapons and ends aren't most of these firearms obtained illegally anyway. They out you know we have some soft style weapons used in these incidents but more importantly we see. Multiple incidents where there. Byron 203040. Rounds at a time and that's just ridiculous you know so we there's just no room for that type thing in the city streets what do you think announced yesterday that takes stops its I commend him for that that's common sense approaches. To helping reduce this violence I hope. That city governments of governments all across the country would take heed to that do the same thing. A one more thing before we get to you mister mister pats we talk about. New officers are not officers but the Chicago loop alliance adding arms to speak arts it opened its Easter. Well let's to a certain extent but I say this time is not a usual form hi residents of buildings or malls a lot of retail status as that high. Private securities that would fine. Mr. beds your area of expertise is on recruitment is it not that's why you're here this morning what's the latest on the police efforts to at a house. Thousand people. Well I'm glad you fixed I am announcing that the Chicago Police Department has extended the application period to march 12 to sign up on line. At WWW that Chicago police or. And be the change that the superintendent talks about. I don't know but that application process and the training processes for adult tasted it last year did you have to thank you this morning.

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{"id":53443180,"title":"Chicago reports drop in gun violence","duration":"2:48","description":"Police said that murders and shootings were down in Chicago last month compared to the previous year.","url":"/US/video/chicago-reports-drop-gun-violence-53443180","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}