Child's Dog-Attack Rescue Caught on Tape

A Good Samaritan stepped in to save the 4-year-old girl who's recovering from her injuries.
2:08 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Child's Dog-Attack Rescue Caught on Tape
Video you're about to see is not only troubling and it is also very very frightening for some. Unknown reason the dog was all of its lease and then ran across the street the attack was on -- -- This startling attack happens and a flash the dog runs from across the street counting on the little girl apparently walking with their mother. The animal is relentless holding onto the victim as -- bites and snarls woods avid sports the woman with the Giles seemed stunned and petrified. Thankfully a bad jumps out of his truck runs across Webster avenue to pull the dog -- The four year old. And everybody canned food -- flu. You know bill Brooks says. -- wires hold their hand on Larry. Once the dog clamps down on the victim it appears that it tries to rip the child away from the woman. Who holds on desperately until the good samaritan arrives to help the little girl. God bless him. If -- was a -- in my area -- ago would have been sort of Runnels. The owner of the dog arrives -- -- a few seconds and puts a leash on the dog. Even telling others responding to stand back the dog's owner stands out by the scene where the dog as witnesses call 911. -- -- To live in -- And the let. Seven jacket yet exactly what's cracking me the maybe -- -- -- about him afraid of he did little dejected he just got to Jack yeah. The little girl was badly mall and is hospitalized. The terrifying attack has many wondering. What -- the dog off. I'm I'm scared when I see -- -- red -- industry I'm going it's right because those real goal. Get away from him you know. As you can expect this little girl is terrified. But she is expected to recover. As -- the dogs are very stayed out here and weighted according to witnesses at least ten minutes but left before the police go to -- And the Melrose section of the -- Stephanie Johnson channel seven witness news.

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{"id":18718128,"title":"Child's Dog-Attack Rescue Caught on Tape","duration":"2:08","description":"A Good Samaritan stepped in to save the 4-year-old girl who's recovering from her injuries.","url":"/US/video/childs-dog-attack-rescue-caught-on-tape-18718128","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}