Church Holds Service Inside a Bar

Six hundred people turn out for launch of special service in Knoxville, Tenn.
1:41 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Church Holds Service Inside a Bar
Most nights of the week the -- nine Joliet west Knoxville is a country music art and dance club well tonight there's still a lot of great music up. House dressed mostly in blue jeans but tonight dailies are soft drinks and. The bay and played and the crowd sang along. The official body the church -- gel. -- -- -- -- We -- -- the big the turnout more than 600 people Clinton. -- hair and we'll start pastor Scott -- all the real goal is to reach people who were on church. Or the terrorists -- what I mean by that is there's a lot of people who they've -- detergent line the maybe got hurt or wounded or discoveries are disappointed about the church the idea came. From a church member who is traveling Christian country singer tough coming back in from a trip 19 drove fast that -- not -- And that god different place in my heart that we still are rich in the multitudes of people that -- -- country music. And -- became a real. Didn't dance. Desire to do this. Yeah. Apparently they're like yeah. Easy time making nice and then -- and -- call. -- -- -- -- -- Jerry Hampton had never been to cotton eyed Joseph -- northstar church but heard about tonight's special service and brought her nine year old daughter Kendra. -- you apparently passed through the right. The environment than -- think it. The next church at the gel is scheduled for Monday December 5 in last numbers -- Jill McNeil six news.

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{"id":14918567,"title":"Church Holds Service Inside a Bar","duration":"1:41","description":"Six hundred people turn out for launch of special service in Knoxville, Tenn.","url":"/US/video/church-holds-service-inside-bar-14918567","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}