Black Couple Says Church Refused to Marry Them

Community is outraged over marriage discrimination.
1:50 | 07/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Couple Says Church Refused to Marry Them
First Baptist Church. Amendments that -- would it would not allow black to you coming in here. -- wells is operating a barber -- in the shadow of first Baptist crystal springs for three decades. -- -- the church hasn't progressed much from the more racially volatile days of his views. Why can't -- -- the congregation. As -- because we'll be back there will be no -- Waiting church. -- Ontario Wilson wiped tears from her face Friday one week after the church she considered her home for more than a year. -- her and her now husband away because of their race. All the policy. Or adventure game was the birth -- read a wedding. Is a Christian ceremony. Where's the Crist and it's you name the Wilson's ended -- tying the knot at a predominantly black church in crystal springs. We -- talk with the pastor of first Baptist doctors stand Weatherford. We left messages for the church office on his cell -- -- -- -- to his home to answer. We never got the -- need to ask the tough questions we couldn't find -- The Wilson say doctor Weatherford told them -- Hewitt for the ceremony he would be fired don't know what you're it is. It's America has some crystal spring resident angry many believe -- bring negative publicity to the church and city. -- -- Some of the people in this city -- learned that they're doing something wrong. And the outrage is -- from far outside crystal -- city limits. The church has been getting slammed its FaceBook page people from all over the country posting messages -- -- the church. Some -- resorting to calling members' names like rabbit. Racists Emanuel was going to cherish it doesn't how -- -- -- Iran is saying -- Manuel we cannot get married but I guess what's. -- --

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{"id":16877488,"title":"Black Couple Says Church Refused to Marry Them","duration":"1:50","description":"Community is outraged over marriage discrimination.","url":"/US/video/church-refuses-marry-black-couple-16877488","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}