Church's Future Home Comes With a Strip-Club Past

A church in Washington state has taken out a lease on what once was a strip club targeted by the FBI.
1:46 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for Church's Future Home Comes With a Strip-Club Past
Could -- building soul be reborn. For years this room was a haven for strippers and prostitution. Let's of the feds shut down for years ago sending its owner strip club boss frank -- -- -- -- junior to prison gripped the former sugar strip club. Now ministry and office space for our group from Bethany community church after years of being vacant and -- of -- piles of -- that came off the walls the Bethany community church wants to give it some love when our children's director actually. Suggested this place we just laugh and -- there's no way we can. The church can't move internal strip club but after prayerful consideration. And -- -- aching spirit they kept saying this is the place. The church decided to take out a five year lease to make it an outreach ministry. With the resurrection that began at Easter we prayed and then -- saying. And talk about it building being reborn -- it started it then they're tearing up the red carpeting the -- the lights at the bar. The dancers lineup and the darkness this is -- we have a soul that can be thing. It has a story that can be -- told the Bethany community church is not immune to acts of god last year its main sanctuary in green lake was hit by lightning. -- northern most part where that was -- movement it's China sent. Read into that what you made lightning strip clubs. It's all part of death the story now we get to just stepped into this part of the story are now on -- this buildings can be a place of hope for north -- -- a target for police a sore spot for neighbors. Sugars is getting a second life just take out the old and bring in light into the -- -- in shoreline -- Markovic global for news.

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{"id":24094419,"title":"Church's Future Home Comes With a Strip-Club Past","duration":"1:46","description":"A church in Washington state has taken out a lease on what once was a strip club targeted by the FBI.","url":"/US/video/churchs-future-home-has-strip-club-past-24094419","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}