Clerk Fights Robber for Gun

Store clerk in North Carolina made a bold move during armed robbery.
1:22 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Clerk Fights Robber for Gun
The -- -- moments captured on camera rock band bend around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And demanding money a gun drawn hunt Robert demanding cash. He imported again at me for this convenience store in Selma clerks and at midnight shift on Friday had to make a life or death decision. Be a victim or be the hero Marco worker grabbed. And they started the scuffle Joseph Smith says his co workers reacted in not a moment too soon. He. My knowledge I believe people -- -- But went just came face to faces Robert he says he frozen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's when he -- me and Joseph still as a cut marking the moment of that scarring experience. That would be robber ran out of the store insanity not to be seen or heard from again. But for Joseph and the others who work at the shell station. They're left with the memory of that traumatic experience. -- life it is. Knowing they did the right saying despite the nightmare -- rather -- fear. This man we'll come back again.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"Store clerk in North Carolina made a bold move during armed robbery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14873667","title":"Clerk Fights Robber for Gun","url":"/US/video/clerk-fights-robber-for-gun-14873667"}