Closing arguments set for Monday in Derek Chauvin’s trial

How the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case could impact the Minneapolis community and the country.
5:58 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Closing arguments set for Monday in Derek Chauvin’s trial
And for more on the trial against their chauvinist fringe trial lawyer Robert to cello and reverend Angela how bad. For more on this thank you both for joining us this morning I'm Robert I like to start with you after three weeks of presenting evidence and testimony. Both sides have now arrested how do you think this trial is gone so far and what do you expect from closing arguments on Monday. Mori Diane did try also are has been pretty much as advertised from the moment O opening statement we are ready. Story told by the prosecution. Ballroom and George Floyd. Who was laid on the ground and essentially succeeded by the weight of the officers. That were on the body. We remember that I approach the lead prosecutor based mr. Blackwell telling us we trust our eyes and urged. Kind of seem that they developed throughout the entire. Case there are case so they can bet they showed the doctors and medical folks. Who would support peace negotiation period and then defense side we gotta just joined shoes. Kind of pick which you are kicked option story where you know the juror could potentially sir mr. Nelson. Shooter is whether it was carbon monoxide contributed what through what is proper training Indiana's Derrick Mason Art Carney can shooters what they could shoot her. Options presented through their innocence and frankly I'm Baptist children's theory that you stories stories are harder to the jury verdict ago. But we'll see what happens closing arguments in ash dusted tight lipped about lawyers pull her story together one last time. And we'll see it be defense can do that for mr. Schoen although I have ceiling. That is shall we to prosecutions there. At reverend what impact in cases like these have on faith in the system especially in black and brown communities. It hasn't your rent and catch. When we were handing wanted to premiere. It at different Arab. Press is one of the Rell shirts. And he'll show up. These basins aren't happening inner tubes it's. It went east trans oh. A touch your. Other people's minds and is bringing this back and remembrance. And tragedies end it's it's. It's it's tragic it's re traumatize him. And rob let me know I rallied are ahead. Admit to your relatives here. Flew batch went on need to be a one totti who rates BM as huge. It gives you goosebumps to think about it honestly couldn't. And now Robert at the jury's been instructed not to watch the news but you have to assume they're aware. Of the larger implications that this verdict could have now they have three charges. Against air show in to consider so what do you think the big challenges are going into deliberations. Well first challenge is too cheap to jurors. Six. Reduction unity and there's been. Injured as a reverend just mentioned we've been traumatized. By what's happened to those troll Jason's I'm need to faceless individuals need suit. B six that's the first thing and they're gonna have to undergo some stress. They're going to be. In a room. Together at times around. For hours at a time deciding the shape throughout their children for that matter certainly chapter in what will be a civil rights. You dilution of our revolution in terms of how these cases and wouldn't. A civil rights traveler can tell you. But didn't trial ordered or watching this change see. It is that the that there is a conviction. This is a revolutionary moment and so what we're gonna expect the strait the challenges the jury base includes those pressures may be the knowledge that their case is that important. We'll see multiple Americans tell them popped up I suspect they will be. Impressed with the importance of of this matter and and the pressing moment the day and finally I think the important thing that's left to decide or to see is how they handle each other. Are they going kill off are they gonna work to get is they're holed up he's already made their mind up all these challenges of confront them as stable. School and reverend there's several possibilities of how this verdict plays out showing could be convicted on some charges all charges none of them. So what kind of an impact do you expect the verdict to have on the community in Minneapolis and the nation. Well explosive. Faster shower. And CE and there's a hung jury. All my goodness bush. What I you know last night hours as. An ice and what yes. Coming now is it time for hero looks sure why is. Showing they are now. And Kimberly potter what is something incitement and sent should. Realize the power and that they call right now they have the power to affect change nation why. Worldwide. Which starts. May that's true step towards Shealy but screened the black community and police officers and what are they just as you know what I mean she was mistake. I do not respect the sanctity of life I did not serve in protects. This Trout can stop right now I was more now what sounds race. So now come on Tulsa when it first happened right. But now it's paying what they just another beach pure else and until survey protect series. I Robert cello and reverend Angela come bad we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Thank you engineers and we will have continuing coverage of closing arguments in the trial dared show went on Monday right here on ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"How the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case could impact the Minneapolis community and the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77117738","title":"Closing arguments set for Monday in Derek Chauvin’s trial","url":"/US/video/closing-arguments-set-monday-derek-chauvins-trial-77117738"}