Club shooting survivor: Gunman 'knew what he was doing'

Teylor Whittler described “huge panic” after shooter opened fire on crowded club in Thousand Oaks, California.
2:57 | 11/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Club shooting survivor: Gunman 'knew what he was doing'
I was on the Dantzler dancing and it's good payment. And then on the friends or an exhilarating and adoring. And then it turned her agony and shot a turnaround time socked him shoot a couple more times. And permanent split second that peddling yelled get down. So I ran to the left and the chancellor where the back stories. And everything famous dog pound on top each other. And then. It was. Silent for a couple seconds and then all of a sudden. A couple guys that were closer to the bar. They got up and started running towards back during saying get out keeps coming. And so. It was huge panic ever tried getting out and end. Scrambled a couple of times some guy came behind eat Lipton yet and said let's go. And then I got a parcel on my head because they're trying to break going to get out. It ends. We finally made it out Grant Hill and I pointed it going at the backed away and running he'll that's right next there and then it. Houston is in the second and it gunshots again we see ducks hidden behind a couple of straps and Leah. Just thirty minutes Bryant and meaning union thing and there's a bunch cop cars thing so can't make your way to decide until further away from Portland. Ends and end up a resident dying to hear. One of the cop cars are not cops recently on the street absolutely I had but it fire trucks and stuff. And since I can see if I could find anything about how long gunfire went on for you know it apparently were incited and again when you laugh and while I was inside. I would say it was about. About a good thirty seconds. And eat. What is he had two rounds and it let him change some within about six seconds and really fast that he nearly news doing. And he also had perfect Martin when it looked back this spot god. It was really really really shocking. A Kynan. With my dad in the military facility on east pennant in no way prepared you but not really ever prepared me and him something like this happen. But I cut got ahead and check really quick and it's like I need to get shelter and you to make at a hearing something I didn't really. There have times think about why it's happening what's happening. It was just like get out. She was laying there I got a pretty decent look. He wouldn't look like he's nineteen almost talent to ski mask over his face. But only the bottom. And then he had a black baseball cap on he's just an almost all black use a tolerant. Light and it. That's really Arlington. Really feel.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Teylor Whittler described “huge panic” after shooter opened fire on crowded club in Thousand Oaks, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59053004","title":"Club shooting survivor: Gunman 'knew what he was doing'","url":"/US/video/club-shooting-survivor-gunman-knew-59053004"}