Coach Accused of Biting Opponent's Ear

Basketball coach in Massachusetts allegedly bit off part of anther coach's ear.
1:49 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Coach Accused of Biting Opponent's Ear
Make more -- Americans weapon assault and battery Timothy Forbes listened as charges against him were read in court. Made him an assault and battery charges after he allegedly -- after -- Catholic youth basketball coach Friday night. While in line to shake hands with the opposing team this defendant attacked him without any warning. He attempted to kick out I was able to get ahold of him against right in the face and body with -- that's. With his bad as they're wrestling event that the victims left here the keys to get shot back came -- and the defense -- wet. Police say Forbes was somehow associated with the opposing -- His lawyer says it was an isolated incident. The word became. Which triggered off. -- -- Did talking bet that if before you -- factor in this second devoted his entire life to. Quote him. These boys and there is no indication that -- -- prior instances. But Springfield police say -- has a long history with them. In 2008 he was he was arrested for destruction of property. Song battery. And night time for a -- on the kidnapped and domestic assaults. The fight Friday night at the holy -- school gymnasium didn't last long but the damage was done not only to the coach but to the kids who -- all happen. C -- board member Tony signal Lee says they're not certain Forbes's even part of their organization. He says they have a zero tolerance for any kind of violence and they have a strict screening policy. Any coach. And every referee anyone who officially is would see why ago. Has to have a complete Massachusetts -- check in advance if there's anything there any blemish any problem they're not allowed to play -- be anywhere near these games at all.

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{"id":15910373,"title":"Coach Accused of Biting Opponent's Ear","duration":"1:49","description":"Basketball coach in Massachusetts allegedly bit off part of anther coach's ear.","url":"/US/video/coach-accused-biting-opponents-ear-15910373","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}