5 Coaches Quit Over Bullying From Parents

Iowa school girls' basketball coaches resigned in protest to harassment from the players' parents.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for 5 Coaches Quit Over Bullying From Parents
We pulled -- allow for doing something you know assistant coach -- Ashford is well aware of the criticism comes with the territory you read things on social media and you know you try to ignore those kind of things send people you know are approaching -- on game day in. You know on the phone call signed in their phone calls after the game but after recent string of accusations questions and even threats I received a phone calls this week you know -- to fight me. On who you know -- I am one and it go over the house and fired him over you know summer basketball stuff. Transfered -- head varsity girls coach rod Conrad decided they had enough. -- Ashford says the three other girls' coaches agreed. -- resigning was the only way to send a clear message and they need to take some responsibility for their actions senior Kelsey Radford sister to the assistant coach was there for the announcement. I'm -- really -- ten now that. Parents get involved and -- this stuff and had to happen. -- -- says when parents take the sport too far it takes away from the experience -- game we've set by examine we can hear that stuff that they expect. Like I'm not having confidence and why -- big game -- are gonna play that's. -- -- the father of two younger players echoed that thought his sixth and eighth grade daughters were devastated by the news of Conrad leaving. They're both in tears and they didn't want to really play basketball. Because. You know he's always goes in these -- more than just to coast and almost been like a second product him. -- for hopes the void left by five resignations will change some attitudes for the better I think the parents need to understand that -- -- of sport. And that Conrad is teaching us more than just -- markings teach us life lessons to work hard.

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{"id":22866060,"title":"5 Coaches Quit Over Bullying From Parents","duration":"3:00","description":"Iowa school girls' basketball coaches resigned in protest to harassment from the players' parents.","url":"/US/video/coaches-quit-bullying-parents-22866060","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}