Coastal towns bracing for the storm

Live look at Cape May, New Jersey, as the town prepares for the tropical storm.
1:56 | 08/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coastal towns bracing for the storm
To Cape May, New Jersey one of the many coastal town still bracing for the storm our Stephanie Ramos is there right now. Stephanie look like you're also bracing for some win like we just saw from robs video from last night what what's it like there right now. Basically what robs and that Watson missing feeling that's what we're in right now isn't just calm down in the last five seconds but the way into the brain the sand just. Really whipping all around did a little bit. And here. Then got wall here kind of blocking. And some of that strong wind but we're here in this area in Cape May, New Jersey there is a tornado watch in about. So it is really intense and it really started to pick up in the last. Half our style but we've sort of enjoy a lot of the officials in this area and the office of emergency management and they are taking all precautions necessary to keep people safe here we're here on the beach a lot of the beach equipment that. These lounge chairs a lot of me but they usually have got here on the beach has been secured away from the shorelines and and then fly around become a dangerous projectiles. And then also asked. Business owners in this area to lock up. As you can imagine their outdoor furniture in their bench and their umbrellas all of that's that can fly around because the wind is expected to top. 75 miles per hour but along with the rain. That we're feeling here at the coastal flooding is also a major concern Diane. And said he hasn't pandemic impacting the storm preparations. And yeah Indian prisons and they have to go. Talk about anything once again they've already had to shut down for months. Altman dumping doubled up on all of their outdoor furniture are thinking that they couldn't make convinces him make some of that visit this summer but here they are again. Closing up shop clerk who knows how long until the storm at least passive but. This is something that there unfortunately getting used to. Read our Stephanie around us there from Cape May, New Jersey Stephanie. We appreciate you and the crew stay safe.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Live look at Cape May, New Jersey, as the town prepares for the tropical storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72168315","title":"Coastal towns bracing for the storm","url":"/US/video/coastal-towns-bracing-storm-72168315"}