Cold Case Murder Linked to Dead Man

Evidence from 1993 crime sheds light on 10-year-old Massachusetts girl's death.
1:23 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Cold Case Murder Linked to Dead Man
The 1993 murder of ten year old holly arraign him a never ending -- to her loved ones there's been highs and lows. Or I right now -- Hopefully. Somebody real comfortable in her father reacting to the first real break in this cold case new forensic tests linking this man David pull yet the Holly's murder. The person identified we can establish. Had a familiarity. And -- fact that connection. To that very area where -- disappeared. And were her remains were found. In a remote wooded area in Brimfield months after the fifth grader vanished while visiting her grandparents and nearby Sturbridge. If there have been at least five fit perfectly good persons of -- Over the years and we get our hopes up like a roller coaster ride. -- -- of Springfield died in 2003. Investigators aren't calling him a suspect. We want the phone to start -- again and we want information about -- -- -- around that time to be coming here. The DA says there is no link to the case of Molly -- the sixteen year old lifeguard abducted inverted and -- eleven years ago. Her mother remains optimistic. You want to be able to find some peace and justice for Molly Daly ten this happens again -- Are those scary feelings erupt again.

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{"id":15287360,"title":"Cold Case Murder Linked to Dead Man","duration":"1:23","description":"Evidence from 1993 crime sheds light on 10-year-old Massachusetts girl's death.","url":"/US/video/cold-case-murder-linked-dead-man-15287360","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}