Color of Change president speaks out on civil unrest

Rashad Robinson, head of the online justice organization Color of Change, reflects on another night of violent protests following the death of George Floyd.
3:59 | 05/31/20

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Transcript for Color of Change president speaks out on civil unrest
And I want to go. But two were shot Robinson who is the president of the color of change which is a leading online organization advocating. Change and racial justice. As Robinson thank you very much for joining us yeah who I think one of the questions Americans have seeing this unfolding tonight. Yeah how do we get out of this Psycho that Byron Pitts just described it has been going really on and the very least to back Emmitt till 1955. I would get out. We get out of it buys on advancing an America that has just days. That America where. The rules. Are equal we have people are not treated like he's beaten back and their own neighborhoods where. People can. Field not just. Faced from the police that treated with dignity and respect across the board we are too often talk about that didn't give me that in packed. Black people didn't in have to avoid can talk about that didn't get to talk about black people and act that we will they think like black. Community double a ball when it back black community are not vulnerable we been under. We've been targeted wee bit her rat in this treated vulnerability is a personal traits and you have that they eat that broccoli collude and a hurt. And these three Q I'm what what you we meet that can we expect people. To do that fact of the matter is did we go CN NB Porter get arrested. On camera before. Police officer who had hidden heat on mr. Floyd yeah. Act Kirk. Was arrested in the queue up to three other people who stood there. Where are still. How can. Ali how in the world and that. Over and over again I'm lead moment happened we are ill told talk to about patient we talked to about a system of rules and laws that he cannot. Work for on the week. The movement have worked cue site to let me or my district attorney that around the country and carried out too well to do that and BP been able of people not. That that it changed the rules we work at the federal and local level to advanced being around criminal justice people and that's part of what we're doing right now. At color change it millions of people literally millions of people are taking action but back to around federal and local demand. But yes we all solar raising our voice data and pushing back. What we are seeing on the ground right now and commute and around the country is dumping but I think people should really recognize. The FBI and other eighty deed have been warning not for awhile about that. Sort of rage of white to predict that white nationalism that has infiltrated police departments around the country. On and what we are aren't being aided police department. That are not. Accountable and responsible to the mayors on in the governor's week. Heard one patent mayors and governors unimpressed complicated or speak a different being on the street from police department. That seemed to be able to do escalate and win a white man with a gun show up to cap. Capital demanding that eighty reopened. And on the other hand we hear me. Linkup occurred that we may see a black or brown safe not only unable to the ad. Escalate but they do the act. Escalation. In oak. Where dvd images and hold for people right now for every day people of good state regardless of your rate did that now is the time actually if you are aware that you need to take action you take joy can't. Paid an F. Efforts to your local. Who community the dedication you to joint effort like art that color changed to read your boy. We need to get involved in electing new district attorney we need to ensure that at the top of the ticket we have a president that will not. In spite this type of violence but actually worked to bring us together in advance. New changes. Were shot Robinson president of color of change talking about. Action that each American have to take to stop this cycle thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Rashad Robinson, head of the online justice organization Color of Change, reflects on another night of violent protests following the death of George Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70977406","title":"Color of Change president speaks out on civil unrest","url":"/US/video/color-change-president-speaks-civil-unrest-70977406"}