Colorado Man Arrested for Human Trafficking

Kizzy Kalu allegedly lured foreigners with the hope of real jobs at fake school.
2:48 | 03/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colorado Man Arrested for Human Trafficking
Details at five in the arrest of -- highlands ranch man accused of human trafficking police arrested -- collude last week this is a picture from his FaceBook page and 7 NEWS has obtained court documents stating -- was stealing money from people desperate for help. 7 NEWS reporter Eric -- for is digging into the case an air investigators say -- -- lured foreign nationals into this country with false promises. Court documents which I have right here state he -- an accomplice would tell foreign nationals they would be brought to the states to teach nursing classes. At a school called Adam university now the indictment alleges. I university is made up if you do a simple Google search at a news university does show a lot but when you click on the actual web site. Like it is this web page not available this just a small part of what the government is calling an elaborate scheme. You'll find it on the web and -- the address there was no indication Adam university ever existed. And a 49 page indictment obtained by 7 NEWS. Can seek a -- highlands ranch allegedly enticed foreign nationals to the states with the promise of hiring them. As nursing instructors at so called -- university. This through his company for health care professional group. When the workers arrived -- apparently told them no positions were laughed and instead put them to work at various long term care facilities. Those facilities would take a -- company. But court documents say he would only pass 65% of that on -- the workers. We went to -- lose home -- he was released on bond after a court appearance last Thursday. We were told he wasn't home by thank -- -- -- despicable but one neighbor who didn't wanna be seen on camera says he's noticed some unusual things -- whose home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he never -- -- was under investigation for human trafficking. Whose whereabouts now being monitored electronically. Something the US attorney's office says isn't enough. The government believes the defendant is a flight risk which is why. It is appealing the magistrate judge's decision. -- -- -- -- -- limited version of familiarity or. Never didn't. People who know. -- who faces 132. Charges if convicted he could spend up to twenty years in prison. Clinton's alleged accomplice -- -- -- -- has not been taken into custody yet the US attorney's office says he's from Georgia. And authorities are working to make an arrest a lot more to this story 7 NEWS working to won't -- -- American force at a news. Our thanks -- 7 NEWS is also uncovering FaceBook photos of collude and his wife Nicole Howard -- At the White House last fall this is for an energy briefing there according to -- -- FaceBook page to appear to be standing by a presidential seal and 7 NEWS has confirmed this is an entrance to the west.

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{"id":15897598,"title":"Colorado Man Arrested for Human Trafficking","duration":"2:48","description":"Kizzy Kalu allegedly lured foreigners with the hope of real jobs at fake school.","url":"/US/video/colorado-man-arrested-human-trafficking-15897598","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}