Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Accent

Jose Barrientos, 26, fooled his public speaking class by speaking with a Mexican accent.
3:55 | 11/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Accent
So I'm speech won't want the whole semester I've been making me Hispanic accent so from the beginning -- -- in some instances like. So that the united people quickly Grasso our. Do you know what people officially he's like or anything like that. Some got fine I finished all the speeches -- we're told the first one was an -- speech where debris and objects. That distracts me. -- The second speech is that you talking about my idol which I told them was. David Hasselhoff. But. -- Better person. The third was the history of single a minor. -- have you -- and he's pretty see you. Back the fourth speech is where I decided to reveal that my accent is in fact fake I found its way he creative ways during my last -- -- just. People secretly. You think you -- right. -- I will offer you BH DP growth and unless -- and -- accent because. -- -- -- -- -- -- expressed itself anywhere you want. What it was a pretty -- For a couple seconds. With this. We got like me you know. We -- long enough. I don't lot of mixed -- some people realized you know some people realize that these acts of the state. And it -- -- of their life that's fun. It was amazing. Look. At it. Yeah it tries. To leverage their act. -- life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like paper note -- from Napoleon Dynamite. Series. But some people particularly wanted to commit to the speech -- friends who think. All of us here musing. Hello anyone 400 still American accents like Nicole Kidman and -- -- -- on yet totally that prohibits students thought. That's just speaking he doesn't mean encouragement not to -- so broke out candidates that -- filming. -- -- Apparently though a deep -- every one. I personally. Knew that its use of make. -- I saw him rip off page. David Hasselhoff with the puppies. I was like -- The it looked at every -- and an -- -- like. Now. What -- detective for the most common response I got this. All that all -- and the -- -- became pretty differently class thing you know asking questions. All trustees because difference between Mexico -- America it -- you know you make -- go let the good donkey to school. But don't kick it and it meant not seriously sit donkey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hope you enjoyed it more -- trolls -- means he's like page which --

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{"id":17822831,"title":"Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Accent","duration":"3:55","description":"Jose Barrientos, 26, fooled his public speaking class by speaking with a Mexican accent.","url":"/US/video/community-college-student-pranks-class-semester-long-accent-17822831","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}