Community Helps Send Kids on Trip

Poor community raises money so band can perform at Pearl Harbor anniversary.
3:29 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Community Helps Send Kids on Trip
There is something to be said about a small town the way it's people seem to band together to help someone else in -- What's in this case it is something unique. Made up of several someone's. -- I never dreamed that we would get an opportunity to do something like this. John horrible as the band director Greg Ridley high school -- last year. Got phenomenal news Ridley was one of four schools in the states to perform and Pearl Harbor. On the seventieth the anniversary. My first thought was should -- -- tell them. Because of that reason I just there's there's no way. That reason was the money. Added up it would cost 124000. Dollars to go close to 15100. Per student. In a town where the unemployment rate is 30%. 50% of the families live at or below the poverty line. And 70% of the students here. Get free or reduced lunches you have to lower the answer down enroll it and so -- -- next rehearsal mr. horrible told the students this is a great opportunity. We simply cannot afford. -- -- But the students had other plans we dissident. Easy car -- easy and we -- 600 dollars and one day. Drum major Lauren Coca says the game was on it would take every single minute of every single day to raise a 124000. Dollars. But every student was -- to challenge there was car washes. Performances with choir and -- -- sometimes we ran around. Selling tickets for blaze soon the word got out and that's -- win this small town and it showed its community pride. The local T shirt shops sold shirts the town bar owner donated even the city itself gave 3000 dollars. And within seven months the town with a 30%. Unemployment rates raised 124000. Dollars. It was clear from reading and Chester. Down to Lodi and Stockton the -- have come in the little old -- -- and -- -- what does she say at the bottom of the letters she says I'm sorry I couldn't send more. See if people want. So much for iced -- on. To not forget the past -- to honor. Everybody that -- -- -- their lives. In this country. Especially when they said. That they -- sorry that they can't anymore. It's. And just something they understand how grateful we really are. So the next time you are faced with what seems to be an impossible task. Remember that high school bands from that tiny town. Whose band room doubles as the school cafeteria. A lot of us -- never even been out of California. That and they can't call it off he's ever for a little little tiny band -- apparently. It's incredible. Job.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Poor community raises money so band can perform at Pearl Harbor anniversary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14738446","title":"Community Helps Send Kids on Trip","url":"/US/video/community-rallies-send-students-trip-14738446"}