Congresswoman and son co-author book on opioid addiction, journey to sobriety

Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., and her son's struggle with opioid addiction and the road to recovery in their new book, “Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery, a Mother’s Battle for Her Son."
8:59 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Congresswoman and son co-author book on opioid addiction, journey to sobriety
While the country has been focused on the Kobe pandemic another crisis that has also gotten worse. Is old daylight addiction this month the national institute on drug a news release a study saying that all be laid overdoses increased. 29%. Last year. I mean our two people who know firsthand the struggles and that crisis Pennsylvania congresswoman bush Madeleine Deen and her son Terry can and who together penned a book titled. Under our route a son's battle with recovery a mother's battle for her son thank you both so much for being with me here tonight. You heard it is here. Harry I want to start with you I have to say I started reading it last night it was hard to put down and you write about the fact that you had this bringing that you described as the American dream which that you are loved fiercely you or cared for fiercely so of course as a mom I'm wondering. What led to drugs if you were living in the household that was sold deal with lump. Something we wanted to share her writing our series is you know it's not. This apparently always an easy. We cant use murder. And it'll. Only saw. Why this is an eagerness. As Aaron I am free wireless. Usually our there was not a warm and I didn't work. Much but I still. Your sanity we. Is. Treatable disease and illusions. And it'll Alice Williams move forward and. Well let me ask you this because you also wrote in the book that you were sheltered. From challenges I thought that was interesting during your upbringing you mention that year you know your parents were there to always protect you and look I'm that way as well but in your case do you think that this was detrimental. Sure. You know and a young how likely. Try to install a permanent. Since she is our. Hearts and a season. This seemed relatively normal hundreds. Be nice who are so many things well. And really he's still all so well ahead didn't you know shelters. It was something had an impact and horror sending even one terrorist. Was the first city bureau first time he has seen. This exciting he within our household and more open dialogue about what this. People at the diseases are dozens of Germany. No matter here are. Representative dean you know moms to moms here knowing what you know now about Harry struggle where drugs. Which have parentage. Any differently. Let you know is it you're seeing. Separately in. Germany and used it. Memories are skull. In his recovery. And Jerry curry color. Or. Your finger reading a lot. My heart to learn all. Youngster he hears you wouldn't ever seen you Harry USA. Little light so I don't know I would've done differently I. I. Now. And and Harry and battled the with his drug addiction for such a long time you both talk about that she and I'm curious represented dean when you in your husband finally discovered how bad this was. That this was happening under your rooms the title of your book how you handle its. Well he sees you are right he was. Me. Yeah finally. And our stealing money from literally can't tell what tour. Ranking IR. Eighty. Nearly drain. Figured out there he was doing. It. And I had you're gonna need her and she YouTube and we now. You're ready yeah. First child and engineers. Are getting stands aren't currently. While and Harry what what led. To that why all of a sudden after so many years. Of lying to your parents did you decide that that was the moment that you had to be transparent and you had digests. You had begin your heart and soul to your parents and and to getting how. It was just that it was the process unity years. Yes. The leader. All. You know eighty S so when you hear what they earn. My auntie worry. I want. And I can lead that I was EE. The cynical you know you know it for my daughter seat knee and and she didn't and we don't and I wasn't enough. And I know you guys wrote another book to you titled New York always loved in this book is for children. Of addicts. It's obvious why this is so important Harry what did this book mean TU hasn't as a parent now. This is on the order and you're always lady. Is being Nash. Even going to lose. And I'm your daughter Aubrey when you're where it. Third on the way Andy I want you. Are pretty. East Ole not only easy to mercy she and her. And now we wanted to I yeah. He's. A person Asian. I just have to say mom calling you look years under right now she how does it make you steal to see yes exactly you want to hug when you wanna kiss and how does it make you feel now when you hear him in UC handing you sit next to him knowing what he's been through auction and knowing that what you're looking at now is that little boy that at a hundred pounds made the football team and was let the spirit and that team. Join well I don't enjoy it all. Can't read early and show others are all the me. Saw an Asian and ended July. Her. We might helps me so. Much I had no idea I. It was a nation I had no idea what she really. Worried and literally. Are. I know that it. Speaking of that. Not just a mom but you are a member of congress so I have to ask you a political question is Welch I mean as we know congress can be quite stubborn when it comes to policy and getting things done. Weird EU field that you can confidently make an impact when it comes. To governmental decisions now and drug addiction because it's personal for you now it's not just a professional thing I. We can do is literally built all stars Shane you win I don't. College campuses and issuer. Realize. Should not it. And we also built around. Nations are. You or me. Somebody car accident rules ball we know around. We also have bills and hello and I know that well and systems sure. Many color or behind bars. No record. Cost shops this order we. Leave following all your moves that's for sure Harry I know you've had a second chance at life also loved Anna Stanley congratulations. Your gambling is gorgeous. Congresswoman dean and mom I know you're very proud mom grandmother. And part of congress trying to make a difference and you both so much for jazz -- something so personal with all of us we really appreciate it. Europe's.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., and her son's struggle with opioid addiction and the road to recovery in their new book, “Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery, a Mother’s Battle for Her Son.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76147228","title":"Congresswoman and son co-author book on opioid addiction, journey to sobriety","url":"/US/video/congresswoman-son-author-book-opioid-addiction-journey-sobriety-76147228"}