Conn. House Fire: Tapes Released

Fire department's transmissions provide tragic detail in fire that killed five.
2:03 | 12/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conn. House Fire: Tapes Released
Hearing for the first time the conversations among firefighters and that deadly house fire in Connecticut and the recordings make it clear. There was virtually impossible for those crews to get inside I would do -- Joseph -- of the Stamford fire department with the tapes -- And bill on those transmissions you can hear the relentless efforts of the firefighters as they try to fight the fire on the outside -- the whole -- -- other firefighters. Search for victims inside the -- the recordings they provide chilling details. On Stanford's darkest day. -- pictures tell the story the words of firefighters fill in the details. We're getting multiple -- visible. Gold. Reported children. 24 minutes of transmissions between dispatchers firefighters and unseen commanders. Revealed the determined efforts of -- bravest to reach the people inside the burning -- -- A more yeah. -- they've got dragged big check in Florida. -- Firefighters that respond. They re edit the struggle that it more important -- in the last public lottery corporal. -- -- -- -- -- -- five people died in the fire among them three sisters ten year old -- badger and her seven year old twin siblings Sarah and grace badger seen here with their father -- a picture taken just days before the buyer. A family friend today released a statement saying. You could not have found a pair of parents like Matthew and Madonna badger. That always put their children first and did everything in their power to give them the best lives conceivable. There will never -- to people less deserving of this tragedy. A tragedy that -- firefighters desperately tried to prevent. All units on the interior all the units slightly inferior back out. -- --

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{"id":15256208,"title":"Conn. House Fire: Tapes Released","duration":"2:03","description":"Fire department's transmissions provide tragic detail in fire that killed five.","url":"/US/video/connecticut-house-fire-recordings-released-15256208","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}