Conn. Police Chief Retires Amid Latino Scandal

Four East Haven police officers have been accused of racial discrimination.
2:14 | 01/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conn. Police Chief Retires Amid Latino Scandal
Controversial police chief and east haven Connecticut is retiring the chief under fire after four of his officers were arrested for abusing Latinos. Eyewitness News reporter Joseph Torres joins us live from east haven with more on the impact of today's announcement -- What Diana ever since federal investigators last week announced the arrest and indictment of -- -- east haven police officers -- that they referred to as bullies with badges. The chief -- statement has been under immense scrutiny will today suddenly came word that the chief is retiring but the chief. Left the big announcement for someone else. One week ago east haven mayor Joseph -- -- rose strongly supported his embattled police chief Leonard Gallo today the mayor announced the Chinese side. Retirement it provides a unique opportunity. For department to move forward with the new leadership. An opportunity for the town to move forward. With the healing that is necessary. -- served fourteen years as the town's police chief his departure follows last week's stunning revelation by federal investigators. The arrest of one sergeant and three officers on charges they harassed threatened and intimidated Latinos in east -- Charges seemingly substantiated. In this cell phone video provided to investigators. -- Yeah aren't happy -- you would have -- and I'm here. It shows that alleged illegal search of a storm followed by an arrest the chief himself could soon face charges as the federal investigation continues. He clearly is named as a co conspirator in the in the indictment. There's all kinds of rumors that are flying about the 64 year old chief did not attend this morning's town hall news conference these parking spot at police headquarters was empty. An unmarked police cruiser remained parked in the driveway of his North Haven home. Latino leaders met with the mayor before this morning's announcement they asked for not want resignation. But -- him. We won -- deep resignation of the chief and one of his resignation as well. Doesn't mean that we weren't want to have discussion obviously now we wouldn't be here -- think it's a little good first step. It gives the mayor the opportunity to take care of some of -- systemic issues that exist in the department.

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{"id":15475008,"title":"Conn. Police Chief Retires Amid Latino Scandal","duration":"2:14","description":"Four East Haven police officers have been accused of racial discrimination.","url":"/US/video/connecticut-police-chief-retires-amid-latino-scandal-15475008","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}