Connecticut Shooting: Talking About Tragedy with Children

Dr. Jennifer Ashton on how to talk about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School with your kids
2:36 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Connecticut Shooting: Talking About Tragedy with Children
So I want to bring in doctor -- -- but our medical team was put me on the desk and when we learn about that that she was a kindergarten teacher fifties were. Five year olds in that classroom and and that the suspect would appear at the story and it's just -- It's. If there are no words to describe what. Must have been going on on so many different levels you know -- as a parent what. The fear and confusion and that the children were experiencing. What the teacher was experiencing. The mental illness that the shooter by definition was experiencing and then. He shock waves literally that -- around. From that point that ground zero on and literally at this point now I think it's safe to say. Which is. How something like this can happen and the answer is David and we've seen it unfortunately so many times before -- This is the face of mental illness and unfortunately at this time we had so many innocent victims but often times. That's exactly what we have is innocent victims we see your children tonight -- You know I'm I'm trying to think about what I'm an estate in my own children. I think -- the first and most Paramount task of any parent is to reassure -- their children that they are safe. You want the conversation to -- age appropriate obviously the conversation he'll have with a five year old will be very different than a conversation you'll have with a fifteen year old. I think that it's very important for parents to explain to their children that sometimes bad things happen. But it as we've heard many people and many at mental health professionals say. Fortunately. It's not that common and then I think it's very important for -- parents and children to express their feelings to say. I'm sad I'm afraid it's OK hey if you feel the same way. And from that point on David I think it's critically important for parents to involved. Mental health professionals as early as possible. There are highly trained and skilled grief counselors social workers psychologists. Psychotherapists psychiatrist. Clergy. These people are highly trained. In how to talk to children at various ages to get them through this kind of trauma but make no mistake this is a profound trauma. Not just for those children and that school obviously but for children everywhere. Everywhere rural life. These images and as we know in -- day -- -- it's not even just network television -- the Internet and there's there's really no escaping it although we've. As parents obviously -- to flip the channel or -- kids elsewhere in the house as they watched this unfold here this afternoon.

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{"id":17977788,"title":"Connecticut Shooting: Talking About Tragedy with Children","duration":"2:36","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton on how to talk about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School with your kids","url":"/US/video/connecticut-shooting-talking-tragedy-children-17977788","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}