Conrad Murray Trial: Witness in Contempt

Last witness for the defense was fined for evading questions.
1:51 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conrad Murray Trial: Witness in Contempt
Manslaughter trial from Michael Jackson's doctor and aid crucial witness for the -- under cross examination today knowledge in the Doctor Conrad Murray. Deviated from standard and care it is yet another major blow to the defense strategy. Today marks the start of a pivotal week in the trial the jury could get the case. By the end of the week ABC's Diane Al BR is a Los Angeles covering the trial thrust Diane. We live it's been a very contentious day in the courtroom in fact the last witness for the defense was cited for contempt of court. Doctor Paul White a -- a -- expert was repeatedly questioned. About his take on doctor Murray's actions and whether he would ever have agreed to work with Jackson as his personal physician. And how he would have responded once he realized the finger with in distress. Will -- off and refused to directly address the questions and here's one example. I think Doctor Murray upon returning to Michael Jackson's bedside and finding him apparently. -- -- -- full cardiopulmonary arrest probably. Reacted as as many physicians would he was very. Probably anxious and in those situations it's very stressful for anyone even someone who is -- CEO. As certified. So -- that no. He did not act as a well skilled person trained in advance cardiac -- support I didn't say that served -- Instead white repeatedly referred to information he learned from Murray outside of court information not entered into evidence and so the judge. Ruled him in contempt of court and find him a thousand dollars again white is the last witness for the defense in closing arguments are expected to Begin sometime this week. Live in Los Angeles -- -- the art channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":14853367,"title":"Conrad Murray Trial: Witness in Contempt","duration":"1:51","description":"Last witness for the defense was fined for evading questions.","url":"/US/video/conrad-murray-trial-witness-contempt-court-14853367","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}