A Conversation Between Black Men: Black men and mental health: Part 3

"GMA3" co-anchor T.J. Holmes leads a discussion with Mike Muse, LZ Granderson and Paul Welch on the stigmatization of mental health in Black communities and the pressure to be Black and excellent.
13:34 | 02/13/21

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Transcript for A Conversation Between Black Men: Black men and mental health: Part 3
It conversation between black men continues on ABC news life. Everybody welcome back here we continue our conversation here with Paul Hill the Mike TJ here have accounts they do we went to break and their Mike you are you reviewed trying to death panels on the whole things. Yet some above what you. You and home we're both saying about about the bonus and I think we'll Claus flew into would you alluding to is that we've had these conversations and silos we've had this conversation in a Barbara sat. I mean it. Look I'm here to hype up what Disney and I hear the hype up ABC but the fact that this is happening on the on Walt Disney company on ABC we're bringing these uncomfortable conversations to the masses. And it is time that those who live in Iowa Nebraska move America see for black men have ranged Steve for a black man that lived experiences in here our troops. And had and be uncomfortable sitting in the living room as they we can't our stories. And they listen to and I moved into my new apartment in the west village the post office man told me. Oh yeah the new guy here then the next question is that you get your stimulus check. Right so we have to stop. That and make other that are comfortable. And she are paint you figure you two going to be awards and opera but it's your passion back to tripping over right. It's how do we reconcile being a black man for twenty place you'd human existence. How we cram this into an hour work. The trauma that exists is real but TJ for you and for passage beards gathered at. In these are comparable cut comes a not easy to have. In a rumor looking at white men behind cameras right. Knowing that white men a white women are upstairs in the control room but we have to sit here and our truth that's hard right. That is hard to do and to explain it in a nuanced way. To explain and it also intellectual. It into Texas I was way but think the sake not that this this this this religion and I get right now again I don't was. Going Newser the story because. I was like why bother and also took Greg you're fired. But I think it's important to the conversation a problem be genuine apartment. It's also asked for help do a bright sister Martha program. From our radio station which is owned by Disney which has worked prompted because you were just saying. I think is important that the people who make decisions for Disney and ABC and ESPN. Here this conversation to not just reviewers but those were an power deciding what goes on here. I was asked to a Black History Month program. And I presented a list of names I thought will be pretty good guess. They fired back at me what we want to stick to sports because we want to be too political. To which are responded to you even know the very existence of Black History Month it's political it's almost like what's the point. I can't tell exactly I don't sit here and it's not that I am I I thought about them as Omar guy I'm working for these reasons people don't on standby to but wasn't bet he was recognizing. That you could be well intended. And want to do the right thing and still not see exactly. What's wall. No but their price was thinking over hundreds program because we want to have this conversation we just don't want should be make people uncomfortable thing. And it's like what we can't have a conversation if I have to worry about your comfort we want to make the most comparable. It is and we are beholden to earn some directors conference not my goal my goal is for you to be informed and through that information if you become uncomfortable. We're back when you. Do you go back and figure out why needs beacon up and this way why the deaths beaten up in this way makes you uncomfortable under. That you feel that from the U you keep using the word trauma and book ever every single morning after George Floyd died. I was in tears before I got on Good Morning America. And some people don't understand is because you are go through write a story get ready notice and then I have to stop for a moment now look at American ma words together. What I would say on TV and that's what I broke down. Because we know right you talk about trauma. I had to watch some might it look like Miki execute on TV every single part that goes along with. Every ever since all the start happening. Everybody wants TJ can you be a part of this this conversation about race TJ can you come be a part of this diversity council TJ can you can be it didn't. It didn't that's part of the trauma yes now I have to go walk you wolf through much trauma and live of that again and put it I still go back to if we don't do it that that's where the body heat you feel obligated to. To do that yet and that is just exhausting all of those. Lack the fifth party and I'd have to own that because the final till that story I'm not will be happy with the way somebody else Mata told sort of right but that he gets your point is a reason why we can we have to stop saying I don't see race. We had to stop sable and live in a race blind society no. Because of your black prisons it Bryant elbowed. As a what happens is when we say I don't see race. That's the damage that's causing because Dorsey that this black man just witness last night execution. And you want him to give a presentations about the financial stability of this company. Aren't like that alone doesn't give us this space right to brief and that's how come the onus is on us all the times we get the stock saying. Let's be raised Kudrow Lynn public doesn't exist I don't think all the lives. I don't stuff that is live as it suited to have problems like go aha there's not let alone we let you recognize the number yep I want to hear now need to be the problem. As you recognize and I'm black and then adding a value this let's do our best out there are quite fast that's probably jumped resident who is on the fact right. Everybody Moscow have been to a lot of beaches as litter were white folks want to gate cult nobody at the pro McCullough the problem is the conclusion you jump to reduce the that level black man is beautiful yes there it is right don't do assume that I don't have the credit to. But that cause don't assume I'm not supposed to be in this neighborhood don't assume this thing my building that is the problem. Who hasn't run a stimulus check this. The public enemy the vehicle yeah to parliament it right right now it's almost like a welfare check it's almost like and we only be gotten into the classic and bright eyed. Horny kid I remember. When I was first starting in media. Being told my agent to make sure was clean shaven because America we trust it clean shaven black man right. At the same time I'm watching America fall all over themselves over the far parts out of all the white guys. Humbled and atop solid going he's got him a mile flown in space yeah. And that's cool yes but if I were to grow facial hair. And also messy issue it took me a long time to get comfortable. We'll just want Rachel here because they've been zoo and in my head that people won't trust me because I would then look too much but the criminals don't grow your locks. Because you report the criminal don't grow facial hair because you report the criminal you know meanwhile I'm looking at my counterparts. We're prepared to honor soldiers Frazier here all the while zoo and they've been celebrated I'm like going. There appears to be a disconnect not a wants for good reason because we're pretty rates this to me. It's your pop culture reference you would become so yeah everywhere I call it like the telephone. After telling earlier talking Iraq. Well it's your brother Ahmad has. Fall here we are great. One administration ends new administration in places we have news that woman of color vice president. A lot of people think that now we have turned some corner and that the country is now come back to. What Winick people are you saying they we will fight with a soul of the nation right place it's. Another thing yeah I don't. Where did Travis Howard Boulware are waiting now in policy in executive orders that have been signed that we do with prisons avenue with housing. What does that mean for us black man now supposed to feel what that we have another. And president it's. These are the borders are like a mostly appeasing him visa's new emotionally but it doesn't. Hold any weight yet the next administration could easily discs are. Fought it hard work and away from what they did heal of the war one in particular housing there would develop lead the the order was to take a look. Met the policies that have been going on and then put thinks those not specific necessarily in the other having to do prisons. That the federal government isn't lol any longer going to use private prisons OK to orders like that that makes you feel good. The like is it emotionally that makes him feel better but then what yet in the. You show and I stood and they're all season private contractors. As well so it's like you get rid of one private sector from private one section that's private to what are the other ones that benefit. Yeah I'd turn co bid operative populations were down by 15%. Yet phone calls going in and out of these prisons rose by like 8% camp so they're still making money. Dough even more money not that there's less prisons about let the population in the prisons are significantly lower yet. We've we and not move past. Modern sizing Barkin brown bodies for the benefit of white America. And while I see the good and what president Biden has come acoustic record quarter because I do think it is an important step but it's just a single start. And I wrote an op Ed to Los Angeles Times you know basically saying congress needs to make this executive order whole law. To your points that the next president whomever she or he happens to be doesn't come in besides OK now we're back in this business again. Make you a bit more difficult the way to the front plotters intended it to be big people to make laws. We too difficult to overturn laws allow more dialogue to really explore editions more deeply. When I look at the prison system that particular TJ and I were talking about this you know before we came one there. I looked at our death penalty. And how it has the race's route. I've looked at through the privatization of prisons and how you actually have elected officials getting campaign dollars from private prison industries. And these are lawmakers who create laws to make it possible repeated come cruel acts yet and incarcerated. They're getting in. The private prison industry. And I'm Mike work keep acting as a business as usual who is getting hurt but this incarceration bid from 1968 when Nixon had its big war on drugs. The Reagan and Clinton. Mass incarceration they had not yet but doesn't appear to talk about happy birthday Ronald Reagan and ignore the Becky ignore crack aids and that's consolation to. For me the executive orders I hear everything both that you are saying. Crimean exactly or is seeking no. Biden's commitment to. To be good on his word when he wanted his victory speech is he said. I recognize I got here because the black community am I gonna forget that. Into the fact that in his first 180 is issuing these executive order housing includes essays Brittany is sick you know laying yet that he's aware. Them bring in ambassador Susan writes on the head and that's a policy was a signal for me that they're gonna take these issues serious. With that being set. I'm also frustrated that we always talk about black issues are Ron criminal justice and housing. So I brought out beds about this time from Latin but utters a strategic at this advocacy. And understand how the federal government works. All my listeners on audience no doubt that I'm big on the local government and d.s usually the local elections and how that matters every day. The federal government had a huge impact on us I was rooting out what hotbed about the appointments are one and the cabinet the cyber thunders and the cabinet. Right as black Americans and how significant cabinet appointments really are. And in particular the administrator of the S yet. I wanted that to go to a black individual. Why because when we talk about pocketbook issues black and brown asked for ownership is struggling getting accessing capital right. Agriculture I don't par you're an agriculture one of the sector of ethical to to be black. Why because an early nineteen hundreds black farmers had over 925000. Farms and by the time that. 2017. Rebounds about 35000 fox over thirteen million acres a black farmland have been taken. People think the biggest entitlements are Blackmon on welfare lots. The biggest recipients of government welfare are white farmers. And those who accept that agriculture committee we need to pay attention to that for Agassi last night not least I won it. The secretary of education to be black. Why the school to prison pipeline avoiding getting bear to colonel justice begins in third grade. And black boys are not proficient in reading at the end of third grade I went to fourth grade at quits down more than likely on the school to prison pipeline. There is a connection between illiteracy. In incarceration. And basically come to juvenile house. About 60% of those who are in juvenile incarceration in. Are illiterate bystanders right so that is how we need to start looking around the cabinet to hold a cabinet. To the fire and only time black men got a dressed. On the debate I had to stand up on that when excuse to me. The only time that black men got addressed on the Dem Democrat debate stage what's around criminal justice. We didn't hear anything else around black men jobs. Art education. Not to renew or should agriculture. Health. None of that so we have to start with that. I folks we've got to get. Breaking in here we're gonna come back and hit on a couple of other topics and pick up there but also we still haven't talked about like minute mental health. And that statement is still is a test conversation continues folks they would.

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{"duration":"13:34","description":"\"GMA3\" co-anchor T.J. Holmes leads a discussion with Mike Muse, LZ Granderson and Paul Welch on the stigmatization of mental health in Black communities and the pressure to be Black and excellent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75860912","title":"A Conversation Between Black Men: Black men and mental health: Part 3","url":"/US/video/conversation-black-men-black-men-mental-health-part-75860912"}