Convicted Bank Robbing Student Gives Back

Woman who robbed a bank to pay for college now helps ex-cons make a fresh start.
2:17 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Convicted Bank Robbing Student Gives Back
I well I try this not only do once you know anonymous because -- in March 2008. Allen -- about peace not ended up robbing this Bank of the West in Sacramento. She didn't have a gun just a note. She pulled it off. With a few thousand dollars enhanced her next stop was the UC Davis cashier's office. I paid for my school and -- the cashier's office and paid at this. -- -- Bautista was overwhelmed with school and several part time jobs for -- had dropped that's when she lost her financially. One month later on April 17 2008 she tried it again. But this time she was stopped by police and sheriff's deputies on the way to school. I caught of glimpse of how many their awareness and at least and so I thought I was shot. She says it was especially hard for her mom I had never done anything like that for ever heard it here -- call her from Winona county jail. -- had been arrested for being robbed me. It was horrible images that. -- -- -- was given the minimum thirty months. She served most of it at the Dublin federal prison. When she was paroled she met Elizabeth -- the co-founder of a gamble institute. A nonprofit in west Oakland helping parolees get back into society. They stay off drugs they stopped doing crying when they go back to school they get jobs. They reconnect with their families and they still remain in touch with us. -- -- -- Spreadsheet that's that's similar to -- Bautista has done more than that she now helps others become computer -- Earthy young spent 26 years in jail -- got out six months ago and is now enrolled in a community college he says he can connect to without these. Like -- have -- form of communication. Because we both understood that we need each other. A lot of different type when I was especially -- Stricken home nurtured heart is no pimpernel spears. There's no other than those I keep -- yourself. You know especially one -- -- Offers a second chance such golden or third or fourth chance. Essentially -- --

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{"id":15060213,"title":"Convicted Bank Robbing Student Gives Back","duration":"2:17","description":"Woman who robbed a bank to pay for college now helps ex-cons make a fresh start.","url":"/US/video/convicted-bank-robbing-student-back-15060213","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}