Felon Turned Jury Foreman 'Should Not Have Happened'

Nashville D.A. admits Eugene Grayer's involvement in 2011 grand jury is a "bad situation."
1:35 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Felon Turned Jury Foreman 'Should Not Have Happened'
There's not -- -- pre existing case that. That -- this matter it's a case unlike any other that district attorney general Tory Johnson is trying to sort out how all this -- thought this is an all situation a bad situation that started in the summer of 2011. From July to September a grand jury reviewed and returned more than 900 indictments for criminal cases. The problem the man overseeing the thirteen member panel was convicted felon -- greater the law. Is absolutely clear in Tennessee that a convicted felon may not sit on -- Petit jury. Or grand jury. Attorney David -- was the prosecuting attorney in graders 1978. Conviction. He knows -- criminal history could impact the future of several hundred criminal cases. Where there's -- defect in the grand jury could potentially. Avoid a conviction. Of the 900 indictments handed down by prayers grand jury 800 have been resolved many -- guilty pleas -- It's -- that went to trial and those awaiting trial that could get a second look. It may involve several dozen unfortunately some of those may be very serious cases judge Monte Watkins is responsible for selecting -- is jury foreperson. Unlike the standard pool of jurors a four person is appointed by -- judge and is not subject to a background check. District attorney general Johnson bound to change that process going forward it's something that should not have happened. And and certainly won't happen in the future Heather Jensen Nashville's -- --

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{"id":18376531,"title":"Felon Turned Jury Foreman 'Should Not Have Happened'","duration":"1:35","description":"Nashville D.A. admits Eugene Grayer's involvement in 2011 grand jury is a \"bad situation.\"","url":"/US/video/convicted-felon-served-as-tennessee-jury-foreman-18376531","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}