Convicted Murderer Escapes North Carolina Prison

Authorities search for James Ladd who escaped while working on a prison farm.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Convicted Murderer Escapes North Carolina Prison
It's a minimum security prison where inmates have opportunities to -- -- But people are wondering how and why convicted murderer James led wound up here before he escaped early Sunday morning. Well this is a man who's been in prison for 3041. Years now and over the years he's shown through his behavior that he's he's earned that. That privilege. A privilege that included unsupervised work on the prison farm where authorities found -- tractor he used abandoned yesterday. With search teams finding nothing overnight or this -- -- the surrounding community worry about a sudden appearance by this man. We have no reason to believe -- obtained a weapon or vehicle or anything like that. We don't know sometimes you see inmates that that -- -- take off sometimes they let alone in the woods for days and -- you never know what happens if this. The prison property including the farm covers 7500. Acres a lot of ground for searchers to cover. That's thirty or forty officers plus the local staff from the two prisons and plus folks and local law enforcement we -- -- agents on the ground assisting. We've learned that other inmates who attempted escapes in the past by entering the Roanoke river located on the northern edge of the prison property drowned after the undercurrent caught them. There's no indication so far the James -- made it this far or where he is right now. But authorities insist it's not unusual to have a man they considered a model prisoner in a place where he managed to take off. Unnoticed. And we see inmates who commit all types of crimes and obscurity so it's very common -- and inmates who who -- their way to that two privileged or minimum custody.

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{"id":17310676,"title":"Convicted Murderer Escapes North Carolina Prison","duration":"3:00","description":"Authorities search for James Ladd who escaped while working on a prison farm.","url":"/US/video/convicted-murderer-escapes-north-carolina-prison-17310676","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}