Convicted Terrorist Suspect in Murder Plot

N. Carolina man allegedly planned to kill witnesses that testified against him.
1:37 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Convicted Terrorist Suspect in Murder Plot
We showed up at the -- re -- house of north Raleigh this afternoon no one answered a knock on the door. The neighbor across the street says he has seen the families it's a read here over the weekend spending. One Q and beyond and cook cop who -- and -- Green mountain from -- -- Adler knew his neighbor's son I century -- was recently convicted of being part of homegrown terror plot here in the triangle. And sentenced to 45 years in federal prison but he was shocked to -- federal documents unsealed this week that outline why the -- -- house was -- The FBI affidavit alleges -- centuries he orchestrated a murder for hire plot from jail in Wilmington. The feds claim he enlisted his brother and a woman to pay an FBI informant 5000 dollars to be had three witnesses who testified in his trial. According to the FBI quote he wants photographs taken and provided to him of the dead bodies and suffered -- Another neighbor was also shocked. I feel bad for the people testifying against him and such because he never -- to had to people who testify jurors ever threatened. In this country because that is the truth we'll never -- Neighbors don't know if during the raid on the -- -- house the FBI found his brother should combat but the brother has been arrested and charged in the alleged plot to family unit. Cares about their kids and -- -- best for them. And that. Just -- to be terrible a woman showed up at the Sri -- house late today state a short time and left. She was picked up by a black car that sped away in her first to avoid driving past our camera.

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{"id":15442054,"title":"Convicted Terrorist Suspect in Murder Plot","duration":"1:37","description":"N. Carolina man allegedly planned to kill witnesses that testified against him.","url":"/US/video/convicted-terrorist-suspect-murder-plot-15442054","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}