Ex-Cop Granted Bail in Florida Movie Theater Shooting

Curtis Reeves' defense attorney expects his client will be released from jail tonight.
2:14 | 07/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Cop Granted Bail in Florida Movie Theater Shooting
Afternoon. This is they great day for our system of justice. For -- -- his family. Certainly -- for us as his lawyers in. -- -- like that they got my team of lawyers that they're the ones that are responsible for all the hard work that we put into this case this. Finally get mr. -- We've got the certified copies that the judge's order in Iraq. We are headed. To the jail right now to go and big mystery that's been. I'm not a very emotional -- but I can tell you that when I got this -- -- it was. A very emotional moment for me. I know how much this meant. More importantly I know how much this meant to. Mr. Reeves and his family. The one thing that I can tell you this. So proud. Is that -- Reid had never lost faith in our system of justice. Each and every time that that I spoke to him he would always tell me. Aides say hey Rick. Good job. I believe in our system of justice you've got to understand that Kurdish -- for 27 years with the decorated law enforcement officer. -- -- in this community protecting each and every one that he. Curtis. Not only was a decorated in and wonderful law enforcement officer of the protected our community. Curtis is a wonderful family man. He is a churchgoing man. He's coming home. In order to resume his wife and two -- death. In preparing his defense that we. In our firm we are still eager. In order to be able to do that -- early 2050. Yeah. We mr. Michaels spoke to mr. -- earlier today just briefly. We told him that we were soon going to be there once we got the certified copies in our hands. The bond and is ready to be posted all the conditions are going to be -- And we expect that with the cooperation of the Pasco sheriff's office we expect that mr. -- we'll be -- tonight with a Stanley.

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{"id":24531139,"title":"Ex-Cop Granted Bail in Florida Movie Theater Shooting","duration":"2:14","description":"Curtis Reeves' defense attorney expects his client will be released from jail tonight.","url":"/US/video/cop-granted-bail-florida-movie-theater-shooting-24531139","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}