Cop Responds to Wrong Burglary Location

Thieves escape with safe after police arrive at the wrong address.
3:21 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cop Responds to Wrong Burglary Location
-- It's an event I don't I kept asking -- I simply don't. Seven minutes before that -- this security camera clearly shows three guys a car in a safe. A burglary in progress. -- The video exposes too critical questions why were these guys never cut. And why did it take -- police department nearly seven hours to confirm this business was burglarized -- in the car -- drive off. Safe and back side. It's pretty obvious Aurora city councilwoman Melissa Miller viewed the video obtained by 7 NEWS from that October 2 burglary in her district it was an opportunity for -- Horsemen to catch some some rapper who it was this is a very unfortunate incident. It wasn't handled while. Deftly knowledge that. Not handled well here's why the security camera video shows the band of burglars first showed up about midnight. You can see they were unable to open the back door of a check cashing business. There -- turn almost two hours later this time they -- their way in through the back door go inside the business locate the save under the counter. And move it outside signaling for the car to command. Here comes the vehicle. -- -- of the burglars prove they are clearly not professionals. After taking more than six minutes to break into the business about a minute inside locating and moving the -- They then spent two minutes trying to get the say into the getaway car. Apparently this -- in past geometry take a look that's square safe didn't fit inside the rear passenger door. Then they scramble to loaded into the trunk. It fits but they can close it they drive off -- exposed and they make a left hand turn out of the parking lot. Turning down a dead end road a few seconds later they recognize their latest mistake and drive away unchallenged. That the article let me. It's the off the ocean and the -- -- -- current -- Here's the problem for -- was police department. This internal report obtained by seven new shows the responding police officer cleared the -- saying of the burglarized business. Was secure. It is 37 that. 7 NEWS has confirmed the responding police officer never made it. To this address. The officer made a mistake. A mistake that wasn't recognized for seven hours the bungling burglars and 111000 dollars in cash got away. The business left open and unattended. Until the next morning. Actually I. -- open at least -- to be there right now. The radio call is specific in gave the correct address right that is correct he went to the wrong address. He would -- check cashing business that was directly across the street from the victim location aircrack. And we better correct the problem. We better not be seen this this better not be happening again commission happened first time there has been corrective action taken and we expect will not -- second. -- -- --

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{"id":15016675,"title":"Cop Responds to Wrong Burglary Location","duration":"3:21","description":"Thieves escape with safe after police arrive at the wrong address.","url":"/US/video/cop-responds-wrong-burglary-location-15016675","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}