Cop Shoots Family Dog at Wrong Address

Georgia officer killed a dog while responding to a domestic violence call.
1:25 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cop Shoots Family Dog at Wrong Address
-- -- -- -- -- -- Anthony curry says he didn't know what was going on -- capitol police officers showed up that is important content armed and aggressive ER -- had a good girl. At that -- -- -- his go shoot -- police say the officer went to the wrong -- while responding to a domestic violence call involving a possibly armed suspect. While at the wrong house that officer says -- dog lunged at Celtic went halfway into the galactic somewhat land day in applicant it let. The -- that the German shepherd is easy -- changed in the garage the family gave us this photo of the animal they rescued. He was so bad it is at this -- was -- -- and he was I didn't -- -- she was very -- So this -- black and rescued out for us. So we would just get in his -- out. Mr. curry says after killing the dog the officer threatened to kill -- -- -- limited use government go -- -- blog and read the map and said my hands it. Eventually the officer figured -- the domestic violence call he was initially responding to came from across the street. There was no arrests made in that situation it was simply a report today but the -- -- the situation could've been a lot worse. The ice in my god I almost my father. My neighborhood -- -- signed him or her keys were in the house does. -- possibility police say the officer who went to the wrong address and shot this dog will not face any immediate disciplinary action. We don't know -- after shooting.

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{"id":15389054,"title":"Cop Shoots Family Dog at Wrong Address","duration":"1:25","description":"Georgia officer killed a dog while responding to a domestic violence call.","url":"/US/video/cop-shoots-family-dog-at-wrong-address-15389054","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}