Cops Subdue 9-Year-Old With Pepper Spray

Florida girl was arrested after allegedly attacking her school bus driver.
1:45 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cops Subdue 9-Year-Old With Pepper Spray
This nine year old girl. A fourth grader who love sponge Bob square pants he's now an accused -- -- -- -- In her. Normal behavior when she gets into that mode. She kind of basically blacks -- County detectives town las it all began when the whale com exceptional school student man off the bus apparently -- after being told not to eat candy. Deputies say she -- on the driver who called the sheriff's office and they pulled up they say amber was telling chunks of asphalt to the school bus. And as deputy tried to stop her to child reportedly screens both entities and to rats and then do a launch here deputy. And the whole situation as well. Fortune and was handcuffed and arrested she was later pepper spray gel after deputies say she was still out of control and please don't with the handcuffs on -- -- -- -- The child's mother about explains that her daughter has mental issues including schizophrenia. Which causes -- -- like this when she's in need of her medication. -- being schizophrenia can. -- as actual threat for her life -- -- she initially felt threatened by another student on the bus and that's what responder anger blown. -- -- -- -- -- The family says the sheriff's office crossed the line the agency however says arresting a child is not their first course of action. And the deputy was never informed of ember having any mental illness -- The reality -- is the -- child did obviously display an understanding. That she knew what was going on at that time instead of being in school or jail the fourth -- will now be serving 21 days of home detention.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Florida girl was arrested after allegedly attacking her school bus driver.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14868578","title":"Cops Subdue 9-Year-Old With Pepper Spray","url":"/US/video/cops-subdue-9-year-old-pepper-spray-14868578"}