Coronavirus impacts college campus operations

Students at Harvard University were advised to leave campus and many other institutions are suggesting remote learning online.
5:12 | 03/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coronavirus impacts college campus operations
Institutions including colleges are working to contain the corona viruses you'd imagine but that has left some students. In a lurch yesterday Harvard announces students must leave campus by this Sunday and complete the semesters courses online. This announcement poses problems for a low income students who rely on campus jobs for income students who had summer living plans and they can't move too early. An international students who must suddenly buying a ticket home. Earlier today ABC news live face time to with Kircus go to vicious so Harvard junior from Lithuania who struggled to quickly plan a trip home. When he got the news that he had to leave campus. Maya transit. Islamic well accurate and like this notice is shattered and really expensive. So once you are and shall it all through this she. Column Jews crawler or we could help you route and rich. Shouldn't sharp reversal did it helped me out and I actually. Good. Presidential endorsing the administration bitten off. Communicated this decision rude other officers. So what you mentioned the financial it'll it is. Merom. Strongly that you are not what you do because we were in Peru decision being harbored. This really good for news you. I don't how to Aruba. Living columns. Food or housing. And now who buy and home hops to caribou given five days notice. When Berry aren't clear communication us hollow international serious decisions on among related. Rural seasons. Well how do we this ends optionally unacceptable. And colleges are not the only schools shutting down at least 15100. K through twelve schools are closed or scheduled to closed. School leaders must decide. When the threat of this crisis is high enough for students to be forced to stay at home are now parents must make plans with their children as far as staying home for an undetermined amount of time Tom cancel. The president of the National School Boards Association joins us now for more on the challenges the schools are facing a mid to corona virus thanks so much for joining us. Thank you have reasons so from your knowledge of how school boards make the decisions what level does this have to get you for officials. To decide that we have to cancel classes. Well it's a decision obviously that's taken very seriously. Probably about school district since the school board that ultimately asked to make that decision. This of course is a very unusual situation it's completely unprecedented so while districts probably all have emergency plans of one kind or another. Very difficult to anticipate an outbreak like this. Some schools are using apps and online programs for students to complete classes but. How many school districts around the country are really prepared to roll out those kinds of programs and are they really effective. Well I think there couple things to think about here I mean I think more more districts have gone Q. One to one ouch and I patents and things that students can take home. But there's limited your sheer personal a lot of students don't have Internet connectivity in their homes that's number one. The number chair a lot of teachers aren't actually prepared to teach online naming Al lesson plans that students can take home at night and work on. But teaching courses on lines a whole different matter to some districts might be a little better prepared for that than others. And then finally I would just say it's really not a good long term solution in any event it may get a district through a few days or maybe a week. Again it's an unprecedented. Unprecedented situation for school was. Even if schools have remote class capabilities what are they doing for special education students and students with individualized learning plans. And how schools if this is gonna last a long time prepare for those and then your exams in and ultimately graduation. A lot of great questions here right again aren't new territory for all of us first why would show you for students with special education special needs. We're gonna continue to be guided his best we can buy the plans that are them develop the individual education plans for each of those students. Obviously there's going to be a lot of limitations or we're gonna have to work through all of that but I would say four students generally. The school researcher Bernard be working and are working with their state education agencies. In terms of the kind of flexibility in the permissions they need that includes state mandated test. For some low income families children rely on schools for free or reduced breakfasts and lunches what's your recommendation for schools to be able to accommodate those students. While this is one of the big issues school districts are dealing with right now in your point is absolutely right. We have more and more students that depend on the meals they get at school just to be. And so I districts are trying to resolve that question about how they can try to be helpful to keep the students healthy young nurse during this period. Difficult our schools are closed and so I think in most cases this is an. An area where we're going to be working with other community agencies to try to meet that they. So still very fluid. Thank you mr. canceled for your time we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Students at Harvard University were advised to leave campus and many other institutions are suggesting remote learning online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69546383","title":"Coronavirus impacts college campus operations","url":"/US/video/coronavirus-impacts-college-campus-operations-69546383"}