Counterfeit Ring Passes Over $1 Million in Fake Bills

Federal agents have the Georgia operation's alleged ringleader in custody.
1:31 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Counterfeit Ring Passes Over $1 Million in Fake Bills
Think the numbers speak for themselves mandatory water past one point one million. So there's no doubt and it was good -- -- -- people continued to take it. One point one million dollars in phony fifty dollar bills Secret Service agent chuck brands as a major counterfeiting ring operating out of Woodstock in Marietta printed fake cash for at least a year and a half. Brand says the ringleader is this man he Kellogg seen in a booking photo from a previous arrest and that -- spread the bills throughout the southeast in Georgia South Carolina Tennessee and Florida this was very prolific case. And for -- here -- how prolific you're looking at just a fraction of the three million dollars in counterfeit cash agents seized last year north Georgia they say. This one rain printed one point one million you're looking -- almost half. Of what. Come from current it was passed in Atlanta district. You know numbers -- Special agent brand says his investigators first learned of the ring in May of 2011. As banks started turning in the fake fifties. Then last June they arrested someone in Conyers trying to pass some of the bills. That led them to -- Kellogg in Woodstock and five others in Marietta and throughout metro Atlanta they would sell it. -- they had runners agency Kellogg was the printer and while he's in federal custody agents say not all of his fake money it is. There is money out there I'm sure there hasn't been reported back to the Secret Service so I'm sure there is probably. A lot more out there -- than just a one point one million that we know about.

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{"id":18402435,"title":"Counterfeit Ring Passes Over $1 Million in Fake Bills","duration":"1:31","description":"Federal agents have the Georgia operation's alleged ringleader in custody.","url":"/US/video/counterfeit-ring-passes-1m-fake-bills-18402435","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}