No countries have reported new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours

American tourist Carl Goldman is currently being tested and observed in a bio-containment unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.
5:15 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for No countries have reported new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours
The latest on the corona virus no new countries have reported cases in the last 24 hours. Passengers on the quarantine cruise ship in Japan were finally allowed off but the Americans on board are not free to return to the US just yet. Meanwhile American called Goldman a former passenger of the diamond princess is currently in a bio containment unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Clay and sand Dell has his story. When Carl Goldman's evacuation flight from Japan and landed in all the hot. He was spiking a fever. My wife helps me she knew I was burning up. Goldman and his wife cherry were fine when they left the diamond princess cruise ship. Then Goldman tested positive for corona virus becoming the first patient in a bio containment unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The doors. Our special CEO so I want feel like got location outside or a bowl. Tonight he's giving us the first look inside. Or or. A preexisting health issue landed Goldman in the specialized unit the largest in the country with room for ten patients. The air circulates fifteen times every hour filtering out hazardous infections. It was last used to treat a ball of patients in 2014. They're my nurse in the half. That's the monitor there's a camera on me. And then bit double glass everywhere Ers. In Japan Goldman's fellow passengers are finally leaving the diamond princess amid new questions about a core and team that failed to stop the virus from spreading instead turning the ship into a floating incubator infecting nearly 700 people. I was so scared or digging. Cubbies nineteen. A Japanese Doctor Who says he talked his way on board says proper procedures and protections were inadequate or ignored. Does know eight to ten wins about a cease. No Green Zone no rent some anxious equity it and could have Paris and everybody who has not chancellor body. A Japanese health official insisting while they didn't have 100%. Separation they believe the quarantine functioned effectively. With dozens of Americans still coming off the ship the CDC is now banning those passengers from entering the US unable to return home until they are symptom free for another two weeks. And let's hear more now from Carl about being containment in his own words. Anyone who he also played let it adopt children are so they're all hasn't outfits. Now I don't know what I'm gonna work for Halloween won't want it taught him. I have a window looking want to gobble up. Windows on the light critical double pane glass doors are specially sealed so. Kind of feel like I'm all finished inside the wall. Fishing Seibu bowl. There is right now so little is known about the virus bears you know. Here and the angle. I'm not getting a product marketing in no way of waiting. Days just to see the hits and vitamin C. Opal people don't want to know also Bob Obama. So the one thing happened giving me this Gatorade the Gatorade and every single flight and believe what I'll go home. I'll never have a fatal it again we'll. Eleven months. Good name is Mike people broke but the plot like king at the hospital but again since. Yesterday evening lobbying wall totally forgiven if you go. You have a little bit look at the car pool but got to go one go well beyond the wall and alcohol remain without come out negative. 24 hour boy they'll do another path. It negative with. And then we'll know more fine then won't hold will be evaluated and hopefully will be able to hop on a bought full orbital. It he claims edell joins us live from Omaha with more clean what do we know about the other passengers who were quarantined. While some of them are hear some of them are at Travis air force facing California. As we know some of them have tested positive for corona virus so there presumably getting medical treatments until they are better. Mothers and I have tested negative but they will still have the Canadian quarantines for two weeks. So until they are. Showing no symptoms at all for that two weeks and then of course. There are other evacuees from. China including 57 here in Nebraska that are currently at a military base. Their quarantines is almost up and they should be able to finally leave tomorrow morning. Brian Elliott some of those passengers are going home now at least bit. I'm curious how American companies that do heavy business in China are reacting to all of this. Yeah I it has been tough economically we've already seen stores like Starbucks McDonald's shutting down some of their locations across China they have tried to reopen some of those but now we're hearing from. Carmakers including. Companies like what Land Rover companies like Toyota. Who are now running into supply chain problems because some of these factories in China are closed and it's difficult to get parts up. The economic ripples here may last for several more weeks and I had planned domino effect claimed thanks.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"American tourist Carl Goldman is currently being tested and observed in a bio-containment unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69087404","title":"No countries have reported new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours","url":"/US/video/countries-reported-coronavirus-cases-24-hours-69087404"}