Creek-Naming Turns Into Web Fight

The right to name the Kalona, Iowa, creek is up for sale again after controversy
1:29 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Creek-Naming Turns Into Web Fight
It's a strange man in Cologne hold close to their hearts mom always said when I came -- to -- bent down -- electric again haven't yet. People never -- just called correct. So when we're thinking of naming I thought well he made clear on -- get some money for -- -- project. Danny -- who came up with the idea to sell the naming rights for the creek on -- expected the winner to name the creek after a last name. A family member or perhaps a business he never expected they'd name it. -- -- -- -- -- Somebody who said they were bidding and for a friend of -- in Japan whose great grandfather had. Been here visiting -- and always -- how peaceful -- We're soltys had until city leaders like Ryan small -- began to question the chosen name my biggest fear and I first Albany visit and ultimately -- -- fears were spot on turns out -- Q can -- she means horse -- prohibited in Japanese. All the time that's essentially -- that's so what individuals. You know -- -- -- like this three. After making contact with the winner both parties concluded that the naming of this creek isn't about politics or beliefs so later this week the rather -- item. We'll return to the eBay auction block. Then they had a ring to it. But -- most people here probably wouldn't like course meet her -- --

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{"id":15241574,"title":"Creek-Naming Turns Into Web Fight","duration":"1:29","description":"The right to name the Kalona, Iowa, creek is up for sale again after controversy","url":"/US/video/creek-naming-bid-ebay-time-15241574","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}