A First Look Inside the Deadly Mudslide Zone

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky hikes through the debris field with firefighters and recovery crews in Washington.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A First Look Inside the Deadly Mudslide Zone
We're just at the outer edges of his life here you can see that yellow tent right there that the decontamination. Area that all the people and dogs have to go through on the way out. You're standing on where nick had been happening -- -- do not mud and debris that have been cleared. Number -- on state -- 530 was right here all of this debris was just. Piled on both sides -- to open to open this this area there's a little bit of a sewage -- not so much as we walk along here. We've been trying to identify. Anything recognizable and most of it is just broken up sticks and then pieces of homes there was the occasional sweater. -- -- -- Just imagine these piles of moderate probably only -- ten feet in some of the areas further in the mud goes seven. Need to eighty feet deep he had family members out here. Digging through the pile and our commitment to them was we're gonna be out here. Digging through this debris field. For as long as they're willing to commit they show up every day. So we asked me the other day how do we judge success out here hand. I just success -- when we get back to the firehouse at night and they give us a hug and thank us for what we're doing and it's it's overwhelming the -- -- from this community. Even with all the pictures we've seen the perspective is off the -- -- the full mile from where the slide was on that hill for the wreckage down below us here and it goes on for another mild for the right and do you think you know I'm and com. Do I think the -- -- recovered when everyone. I think we're gonna -- That's our commitment to the film's. We're evaluating the stability -- the -- every day. It was my family. Which it is now. That's what we would want as a community. That's what I want for the social community.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Neal Karlinsky hikes through the debris field with firefighters and recovery crews in Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23148025","title":"A First Look Inside the Deadly Mudslide Zone","url":"/US/video/crews-sort-piles-mudslide-debris-washington-search-victims-23148025"}