Crime Stopper Receives Jail Sentence

Richard Masten was held in contempt after swallowing a court document.
3:00 | 03/15/14

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Transcript for Crime Stopper Receives Jail Sentence
Some might find this hard to swallow but not Dick -- -- and no. He didn't appear to bite off more than he could shoot the the horror. The executive director of crime stoppers Miami refused judge Victoria -- order to divulge information from a -- Eating that actual piece of paper that had details about the tip and the tipster that -- called crime stoppers. Instead he. I think. Didn't is. But I -- my pop -- We promise. The people they give us information to solve murders serious violent -- in this community that they can call us with an assurance. That they will -- anonymous and that. Nothing about them or their information will ever be compromise this all stems from a cocaine possession charge this state. Verses -- set Alvarez there's absolutely no information that I am looking for that has to do with the name or the identity of a tipster it's only the evidence that would be used in trial against her that the tipster provided. A defendant could work that case backwards and put the tipster and apparel and I'm not gonna let that happen. In the end mast and was held in contempt of court and left the court digesting his -- And his unusual -- and I was afraid that I was gonna be taken into custody and that would be part of the property and dairy goats. I have a little watch. That takes out of that case. Pretty dry -- --

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{"id":22929141,"title":"Crime Stopper Receives Jail Sentence","duration":"3:00","description":"Richard Masten was held in contempt after swallowing a court document.","url":"/US/video/crime-stopper-receives-jail-sentence-22929141","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}