Cross-Dressing Robbery Suspect in Court

Patrick J. O'Connell is accused of robbing Massachusetts banks in drag.
0:57 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cross-Dressing Robbery Suspect in Court
This is Patrick O'Connell on the stand and prosecutors say -- EE she too. He's wanted in connection with a pair of bank robberies in Wakefield in 2010 but it's not the notes allegedly passed its unique content down just give me all the money in your drawers and -- walkout at. Walk -- like nothing happened. No reason for anyone to get hurt up to you. Leave the dye pack. It's the attire the surveillance photos released just a few weeks ago piqued some interest -- Tip was called in indicating that an individual. Very clearly recognize the person in the surveillance video from both banks as the defendant mr. Patrick jail -- -- -- his age. Now -- the character. Because they want. -- -- Witnesses say O'Connell has again -- -- -- that's the same characteristic investigators -- 2002 bank robbery noticed. A robbery in which O'Connell ended up serving five years.

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{"id":15019710,"title":"Cross-Dressing Robbery Suspect in Court","duration":"0:57","description":"Patrick J. O'Connell is accused of robbing Massachusetts banks in drag.","url":"/US/video/cross-dressing-robbery-suspect-court-15019710","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}