Crossdressing Teacher Causes Stir

Wyeast middle school officials say the substitute teacher can teach.
1:43 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Crossdressing Teacher Causes Stir
Students' abilities in this -- used to cents to. -- as a -- Jesse. And it is not wait when -- closed that -- dressing up. -- have seen. It here. Plays forward. I don't know kids' -- that's crazy well it's his right -- -- Lamberty. -- but considering its school I don't think they should. You know it doesn't bother me to each their own. -- I believe in teaching tolerance and respect for everybody and very open after all kinds of people's. The district didn't want to go on camera but told us -- education is happening in the classroom it doesn't take issue with the outfit. The only exception to that would be if maybe this skirt was too short or the shirt was too tight and low cut. And only then -- the problem of that outfit be addressed. But not the gender of the person wearing yeah. -- kids distracted fired at what was the reaction. On the a bunch of kids -- just okay with it. Like half the class just yet we're being mean about it locking himself and I was one -- actually I don't think that I learned anything at all. Because. People are so -- -- -- diet. We mostly reading because people were just making a deal today and it just gotten most of -- time just handing mad that he would actually. Make fun -- someone just being.

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{"id":14841679,"title":"Crossdressing Teacher Causes Stir","duration":"1:43","description":"Wyeast middle school officials say the substitute teacher can teach.","url":"/US/video/crossdressing-teacher-stir-14841679","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}