Cuomo addresses power outage in New York City

The governor of New York gives a statement on the power outage that affected Midtown and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
5:06 | 07/14/19

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Transcript for Cuomo addresses power outage in New York City
Whose every error for the comment. I just about blew all over the city and he'll. Most all the lights are back gone that's clear it's also clear that not all low lives. Small back on there are a lot of traffic signals out around. Still. The roads are chaotic. Sold we would not encourage New Yorkers who go out if you don't. The goal line and let all the power get back bomblets stabilize the situation. Because it is it is chaotic now. On the west side certainly. I want to come and all the emergency workers. Who did a fantastic job. The NY TV this state police this state power officials. All the emergency workers. This could have been much worse when you're talking about a city like New York. With a significant piece of this city basically. Suffering a block down. Jack could be a very chaotic situation. We saw the exact opposite I'm sure we saw a New Yorkers that their best we saw a New Yorkers helping us in New York jurors. Stories of New Yorkers getting out and then managing traffic got intersections. I knew your neighbors helping neighbors. New Yorkers bringing neighbors who I do medical devices. That needed power. Places where they forget power so. I applaud all New Yorkers when things around there were some New Yorkers tried their best and they were on their best tonight. As I said. Job one. Restore power get an up and running. And they sure that's 100%. Jobs only. Finding out exactly what happened nominated always mr. mark memorial long look at the first transformer that bloom tonight. We have to make sure the system is designed in a way that this does not have. When you are talking about hey blocked out war. Potential block out more significant area of the city. Having a blacked out. You'll car. You are really dealing with a potential chaos. And public safety threats. Then this system hasn't been better than that. Period. Period. And we're gonna work what's gone bad. But that's what New Yorkers deserve and that's what your visual got an alternative not been a lot of his passion in the country and are already. Greater role in this. Yeah the not really your question I believe aging infrastructure. Con Edison routinely upgrades airport and changes Eric awareness and the maintenance level is very high. Condit is a utility mud he. For their power and that funding goes the current head. And Vaughn and one of their missions is to make sure the system is all the ways. 100% operational. All the backups are in place. The best design is in place. Salt warning substation fails you don't have a domino Obama sub stations this is not the first time. That I knew it was there are memorial going to look at a substation that trail right I've seen this movie. And that this system house. Designed in a way that one substation didn't trail. But it doesn't domino and doesn't revolve then we have to have a system that has redundancy and has back problems. We were locked in tonight and again emergency workers did a great job. What we don't have any reports of people start on subway trains I could very well happen. People will be stuck in elevators people could be. In hospitals or nursing homes that don't have backup generators so this is day. Potentially very. And we have to make sure it doesn't happen again and this system is designed in such a way. That it doesn't happen again. Yeah I'm Addis that it was not. Garnett has said it was not a loan issue. We're not in the summer months Sorensen of our use of air conditioners it was. Basically. Why did fairly quiet weekend night premiere of city anyway. I want to say. Not stay off the road. There are many traffic lights that are still allowed. Pandemonium. New Yorkers out their best and they have been. It is still chaotic and until the system was up 100%. It's late at night. Go to sleep. But like this is being. I don't fully operational before humans around.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"The governor of New York gives a statement on the power outage that affected Midtown and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64321965","title":"Cuomo addresses power outage in New York City","url":"/US/video/cuomo-addresses-power-outage-york-city-64321965"}