Cuyahoga DA Seeks 'Swift' Justice

Cleveland kidnap suspect Ariel Castro stands accused of abducting three young women.
5:07 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Cuyahoga DA Seeks 'Swift' Justice
Thank you. This week. Bore witness to the remarkable discovery of a shocking and awful crime. As well as heroics of her neighbors in a police officers who put themselves. It risks to rescue -- defenseless innocent young victims. This child kidnap -- operated. -- torture chamber and private prisons in the heart of our city. The horrific brutality and torture that the victims and dirt for a decade is -- comprehension. My name is -- -- the and the -- -- attorney for Cuyahoga County. It is my duty. To pursue justice -- -- swift relentless in fair. For the sake of our community we will do so vigorously and without compromise. Do this and I will present its case to the Cass the county grand jury and leave no stone unturned. In a mathematical a valuation of the evidence. Based -- -- they -- fully intend to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence. -- Each day of kidnapping. Every felonious assault. All -- attempted murders in each -- of aggravated murder he committed by terminating pregnancies. That the offender for. Perpetuated against the hostages. During this decade longer deal and violation of 290301290309. Of the Ohio revised code. My office of the county prosecutor will also engage in a formal process. Which we evaluate whether to seek charges eligible for the Death Valley. Capital punishment must be reserved. For those crimes that are truly the worst examples of human conduct. The reality is we still have brutal criminals in our -- Who have no respect for the rule of law or human life. The law of Ohio calls for the death only for those most depraved criminals who commit aggravated murder during the course of the kidnapping. In the meantime I ask for everyone's patience to avoid damaging the investigation. -- the victims. The victims in this case have gone through a germanic. Decade long ordeal. -- few among us. Are capable of ever understanding. The FBI victims' assistance specialist -- informed -- that the victims desperately need space and time. These victims need to be decompress. They need a chance. To heal before we seek further. In -- evidence from them. We cannot have them subjected to -- the interviews and then go seek the interview that. To get to -- evidence that we need. It is imperative that the community an immediate be respectful these young women and their families and give them and their families -- privacy they need and they deserve. I also greatly appreciate the members of the -- This step forward pro Bono to assist the victims and their families in this period of jacking change. Particularly Henry -- alone. Jim -- of Jones day and -- other attorneys and attorneys in my office the prosecutor's office. Ms. perk and others who have gone rather wait to help definitive we'll continue to do so. On behalf of all the citizens of Cuyahoga County I salute and thank the heroes this case is already revealed. First and foremost the victim to a -- internal strength and courage to outlast their -- manner. And survived its decade of torture and depravity and second the victims' families who never lost hope for their loved ones. And spurred all officials. Third the neighbors and police officers who acted decisively and bravely to rescue the victim. We also commander professionalism of the Cleveland Police Department the Cuyahoga county sheriff's office. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation in all these specialists they have given us in the and then. The many hundreds of hours it's -- in -- -- and this case. And they work together effectively. In whose determination to bring this -- case to justice never wavered. For further questions please submit them through -- public information officer Maria -- -- will give you over. Email we will work tonight to respond in writing in his many questions as a lock allows -- cancer. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your. Your concern. -- -- on behalf of -- accounting. We we thank everyone who has worked on -- case everyone who has worked to achieve justice and we'll work to achieve justice. I know each and everyone -- -- media are here to. Help in this case I cannot answer all your question. So highlighted to a carefully lately and do nothing that would jeopardize its case -- we're gonna. Tonight we're gonna stay and answer every single question we can we're gonna do it right I thank -- --

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{"id":19146066,"title":"Cuyahoga DA Seeks 'Swift' Justice","duration":"5:07","description":"Cleveland kidnap suspect Ariel Castro stands accused of abducting three young women.","url":"/US/video/cuyahoga-prosecutor-timothy-mcginty-seeks-swift-relentless-fair-19146066","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}