3 DACA recipients share worries for future

Immigrants from Korea, Mexico and Ghana share their experiences as undocumented immigrants as the Supreme Court considers a DACA case.
14:40 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for 3 DACA recipients share worries for future
They're pretty good to have you with us on Devin Dwyer and Washington what the Supreme Court won't issue their decision in the docket case until June. But today thousands of immigrants and their advocates are turning out in the streets from Washington to Madison to Los Angeles today defending the dock a program. Eight months nine months really after president trump. I canceled that programmer mean approved is out in the streets of Los Angeles where thousands of people are walking out of their jobs and schools at this hour. For a rally in downtown LA to defend doctor. Hey Romeo Telus Rogers in there. Yeah outside of the fact. Here in downtown lady dock a lot that's happening all over the country in Port Angeles having not that lets him. So here we ire. DC to turn up a lot of students a lot of young people here because. You know today the Supreme Court is deciding the fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought here by their families with the I've got a different action her tell her rival Boston many. People are seeing here I don't fit in. UCL they secure a right to prevent. Aryan we just don't know what's gonna happen with their featured at the a lot of us to have businesses a lot of us are going to school. For you know receive a going its inaugural public university and stop attacks every yeah yeah. The site be it's just any unit for our people. So. Yeah here today and they're not and it's not until they're like you heard Bevan. All right thanks to Romania project in Al Los Angeles forest while this was the scene outside the Supreme Court here in Washington today. Thousands braving the cold rain and sleet in the overnight hours you see them on the steps they are chanting some carrying signs home is here dreamers are American education not deportation. Several dozen of the attendees at today's arguments march 200 miles on foot from New York City to DC. A to draw attention to the case among them as Carolina Fong Feng she's a Costa Rican immigrant at college graduated doctor recipient one of the plaintiffs in one of the cases. I caught up with her after today's oral arguments. I want to have people to remember that we just goes he and we still fighting for equal opportunities and rights all in myth undocumented immigrants. And you know it's it's stated in several. You're one of the plaintiffs Caroline it in the cases that were hurt today you were inside the courtroom what did you make of the arguments that you heard. Alice very you know then I. Couldn't stop shaking it like to police and waited the other thing this just to keep that sentiment velvet. You know help me in accident and then I'll buy her some good arguments this Nathanson of the touched it. Betemit that he couldn't is another program is doubled the story eight. And I hope being that you know they look but don't take that right side. You are doctor recipient you been in this country since you were very young. Tell us home court docket has been to you what if you've been able to do it fit in in what is your life like now. Fact that Democrats and I'll need to work. Style this country yes and at the king saying the actual education field. Padilla but most importantly Eagle County independence of the eye and I know. Absolutely indictment tanks by athletes whose equipment you know and hop bands Courtney. And it's even up. In an apartment live with my family with emotional moment at fifth and I helped pay for most of the possible expenses school is back relatively I would not be able to continue that lifestyle where I grew up. How worried are you that the court might end up that way. Say they might agree with the truck administration that it can be wound down in some fashion. I think regardless of the that this and that they say we have an attempt he needed to fight. Four. Basic human right and I have rights would be here and no matter what decision they decide to take we will continue despite. And I'm joined now by three other doctor recipients closely watching this case cleric Kim from Los Angeles mirror ball rose sauce from Austin, Texas. I Nancy. Offer being here on this significant decor I want to start with you you came to the US from South Korea. When you were just seven years old you see doc was life changing and for you tell us about. Yes still. They're doc I was able to go to school I was able suit find part time jobs and -- able to drive legally. And one of the biggest things that I was able to slip through doc was. You get my advanced parole and visit my ground pop. Back inch when he hit T. I heavens I hadn't seen and then. A very very long time and I actually missed my grandma's funeral. And so. Owns very very happy when Tibetans Berle and Dokic came out and I'll be able to visit my grandpa would do it that's throw. He would spend. Allowed so many young people be reunited with their families and to get a more normal lives in this country Nancy. You have been here for some time as well in New York City what went through your mind. Back its 4070 when you heard that president from had canceled the program. And Lott actually. Found out while I was at work and actually had a panic attack and it was a very scary time for me and I was really anxious I was near miss and I just didn't know what the next step was for me and I had James and going to law school. And I thought at that moment that that was just not possible. To obtain. So's it was really scary. And Mara bola I understand it's been scary for you as well on this it's a particularly high. For you down there in Texas since you came to the US is a teenager now you have started a family -- three kids. Yes. Arrow to meet cheat and ready on this when she's thirteen on my bullies. Be getting in ten years. In her mom Andre now I don't need to be anxious but I investing time and slump and Arab political meaning. Daddy it's taking actions and they actually we're protesting. In. From the an era is I can pacs groups. Being a cue ball when it's who that is stationed today. No matter what this is Shoney's Aaron today we cannot continue to fight for our rights acts in and ends in order community. In U Seattle. Happening should any day I eat when it literally what I eat. I don't believe that my instead that he can you not to Brunei match to me I had to rely admitted streets and for me she has the and yielded aren't heeding crunching. Thank Claire bring you back into the conversation here because we know we've heard from so many doctor recipients over the past. 48 hours it's sort of a chorus of stories. We'll see of American lives families simply wanted to have more can be normal. On a yet the president today had this tweet to say about doctor recipients whom he once supported the president said. Many of the people in doc had no longer very young are far from angels. Criminals President Obama said he had no legal right to sign the order but would any way if the Supreme Court remedies with an overturned. A deal will be made with the dams. For them to stay what's your message to him right now and does India that resonate with you. Loan. Mary part about. Do people fight to although that light. Yeah I think there's only that they didn't care at the and that there. Their colors that those with there it and back immigrants are boardwalk but others but I believe that. All immigrants have a right they're meant in this country. And that he did their human life. Ann and Nancy back to you there on any thoughts you might have responded the president also to congress so many dreamers and talked about. Congress' failure here to enact a permanent fix. For so many young people like yourself what's your message to those lawmakers today. Well the three is to simply not true daka recipients have to. Go to you at a criminal background check before you're awarded and that you maintained a dock a status. And and then to congress and on both sides act I think this is just a humanitarian issue I don't think it's the Dan issue or Republican issue. And you know everyone like many people 700000 people are affected by this directly and so I would hope that. Both sides come together to fix and this issue and bring about permanent solution. In and very well said thank you so much cleric came from Los Angeles Burma was sauce from Austin, Texas and Nancy. Joining us from New York City there it's great to hear all of you thank you for sharing your stories with us. And we will follow this clear case as you will we are all curious today how the justices will decide we'll doctor a stand what will it mean what will their decision mean. For people like you just heard from an whose legal status of courses online and joined. I here in studio now by Josh black when he's a law professor from south Texas got college of law also joined in New York. I by ABC news legal analyst Kate shock who is here as well Kate good to see you. I'm Kate I would want to start with yours in the courtroom today entered it seemed to be a consensus. Now among the justices the president trump has the authority to cancel doc got. But the question is really whether his team had given enough thought to it before they made the decision. So that's right to have an I think there is broad agreement even among the challengers to look at from the administration did here. That in the ounce track the president has the power to set immigration policy that's not really in question what's in question is how the administration went about doing. The cancellation that it did and you know it is great to hear. These voices from individuals who are impacted right am I you know either way and selling this case really hands. Both a lot of legal questions political questions and real human impact and I thought during an argument today you really did see the human impact. Sometimes the Supreme Court is operating in realm of relative kind of abstraction. And there was a lot of acknowledgment in the courtroom today of what is at stake for dreamers and in some ways that's because it is relevant to the legal question. Did the administration give sufficient thought to what impact this decision would have the challengers say it didn't. It didn't really consider reliance or cost. Instead it just pointed to this flimsy legal rationale basically saying it had no authority to continue to aka rather than essentially owning. The political consequences and the human consequences. Of ending the program. Job she waited in line from 3 o'clock in the morning to get a seat inside the courtroom today you were there was with me you know you've talked in the past about supporting the doc recipients as policy matter but actually you believe in your view of constitutional law. That the president is key was alluding to there actually is the power strike this down perhaps the justices seem inclined to do that. I did you read it. You know I could anchor of cape half I think adopt a policy is a good one but the arguments against not flimsy. My filed a brief and yet the Cato Institute. And we argue that this policy is one that congress shouldn't act but that congress has not yet and that didn't as a result the argument is this is out awful. But even a four wrong you know we're not sure I think there's no doubt or legal ambiguity that just vice president decision the Prez decision to wind down. Doc I'm from my vantage when the courts say though it seemed more narrow ruling and I think most likely outcome as a court holes that the decision to wind down daka. Was not subject review in the courts as a result president can simply suspend it without going through the legal process. And that would allow press next present just resurrect aka bring it right back to seem gentry 20/20 one. Yet you've talked about and Kate can speak to this as well that that this decision will come down regardless of how the justices rule in the middle. The final stretch of the 2040 presidential campaign it did seem to vacate. But the justices were maybe going to take that into account a little bit they kind of knew how the clock was gonna battle. Play this one out and perhaps they can simply buy some time. If you will end and in ruling in the trump administration's favor you know I think that's right I do think that Josh Josh may be right that though if the administration is going to win. The way they win me V via this essentially docking of the question the Supreme Court finding that this kind of decision. Just isn't one the courts get to second guess at all right or wrong so in some ways that would be the court. Him handing the wind to the trump administration. But without appearing to blast the decision to wind down Dhaka. You know I do think it was it seems possible at least from reading the transcript and you two were in the room. But it seems possible that they were immediately Chief Justice media justice Kavanagh has some questions about the way the administration went and found ending doc. I'm may be enough. Two more sending the matter back. To the administration to essentially provide a new justification if you wanna say as a policy matter we disagree with Taka and we choose to ended rather than pointing to this. Arguments that the program was unlawful from the start go ahead and see that and let the political cost sort of fall as they will. Announcing that that's a likely outcome but it at least seem to me some possibilities so I don't think we know for sure how this case will end up. And real quickly just before we're our we're at a time he did seem in that courtroom today that the plight of these dreamers the stories you've been hearing. We'd on all the justices conservative and liberal we even heard simulate just discourses say the facts in this case are really compelling they speak to us so their being hurt. That's true all the justices agree that the dreamers on a tough spot. Other questions what happens next if he simply send this back at the little quart he put their stats of plots for another two years. With a serve he's lies over them out hope we get a prompt resolution. One way or the other what weather talk as legal right Josh Barton to south Texas College a lot thank you so much and thanks to key HR legal analyst in New York. Appreciate both you this is a case we will stay on into next spring when those justices are come down with the decision.

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{"duration":"14:40","description":"Immigrants from Korea, Mexico and Ghana share their experiences as undocumented immigrants as the Supreme Court considers a DACA case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66951995","title":"3 DACA recipients share worries for future","url":"/US/video/daca-recipients-share-worries-future-66951995"}