Dad Accused of Making Kids Smoke Drugs

Florida man posted videos on Facebook of his autistic kids smoking.
1:19 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dad Accused of Making Kids Smoke Drugs
Nobody knows my children better than me Palm Bay police disagree they arrested 42 year old Scott Crawley after he admitted to having at least one of his two autistic children to smoke synthetic marijuana. My son never smoked it was too scared to do it anyways my daughter I had a video of her she basically took the pipe and -- one very tiny hit -- -- Crawley who says he's autistic and suffers from -- -- affective disorder himself. Posted the video of his children ages seven and ten in doing this on his FaceBook page -- not showing their faces to protect their identity as victims. Crawley claims it was to publicize medical marijuana as a treatment for autistic people. Help me as far as keeping me com as far as -- concentration. Two children are now in the care of Crowley's mother Pauline Crawley. She claims her son was not taking his medication and she knew he would do something dangerous he needs to be -- were war. Police found out about the face -- video after visiting the home because of a fight between Scott and his father. Pauline told police what her son had done she said Scott also treated his seven year old daughter's diabetes with energy drinks. Nobody knows how take my -- take care my -- diabetes better than me yes I would love to have my children back. But I did this for all children -- autism.

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{"id":15301106,"title":"Dad Accused of Making Kids Smoke Drugs","duration":"1:19","description":"Florida man posted videos on Facebook of his autistic kids smoking.","url":"/US/video/dad-accused-making-kids-smoke-drugs-15301106","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}